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The Blanche Report: Scary Drivers, Bobbleheads & Our Own Little Poll

This afternoon, an 80 year old woman hit the gas instead of the brakes and plowed into a daycare center. Mercifully no children were killed.

Can we talk? How many times have you seen elderly people shuffling to their car, looking as though they can barely find their way out of an elevator, let alone get behind the wheel. Once they find their vehicle, till they get in, get the seat belt on, start the car and begin to drive it can take 10 minutes. How, we are constantly wondering, do these people renew their drivers license? Doesn’t anyone check to see if they have any peripheral vision left? Or if their reflexes are working at all?

From today’s accident it would seem not.

Who would you rather have for your premier – the crack-head Rob Ford or the racist princess pauline?

That was the question Sugar Sammy put out in on his facebook page two days ago. His post went viral and he received so many nasty messages that he had to take it down.

We will do a poll which you can answer and we won’t go viral, nor will we shut down. Here’s what we thought: We would much rather have a crack-head than a racist leading us. At least the crack-head can go to rehab. The bigot is bigot forever.

Ah, yet another blatant fabrication by princess pauline and her little missives.The public is ‘invited’ to submit written briefs on the secularism charter bill, that will go to public hearings in the new year. People have until December 20th to submit their brief either by email or mail.

Really and truly – do you think that if you write something negative it will actually get published? If you do, we have swampland for you in Mississippi. We are as close to living in a banana republic as one can get without the formalities.

And while we’re on the subject of total idiots, here’s a good one for you. This past weekend at their convention, the PQ’s national council overwhelmingly adopted an “emergency”  resolution to require the party’s candidates to sign a “solemn” pledge that if elected, they will not wear ‘conspicious’ religious symbols in the national assembly.

We may stand corrected, but it seems that in the national assembly there is only one face color – white. And since 1970 there have been more than a thousand PQ candidacies for the Assembly. Not one of those candidates has worn a religious symbol.

Who are they kidding? At this point we can’t even believe that the white, roman catholic french Canadian farmers buy this stuff.

President Obama lied.  He claimed over twenty stacks of bibles that Americans would get to keep their health plans once Obamacare went into effect. Not so. Millions of people have received cancellation notices. And as the new plan only accepts about 11 people per day due to never-ending computer glitches, there’s trouble in river city.

Hundreds and hundreds of people stood in line today for hours and hours. Why? Because a Rob Ford bobblehead doll went on sale and everyone wanted one. The doll is not quite a replica of their mayor – it seems they have a vision of what he would look like about 100 pounds lighter. Baboink, baboink, baboink.

What is going on in the Philippines after the worst typhoon in history is unimaginable. And what happens in these corrupt countries is always the same story.

The water and food is sitting somewhere in warehouse but for some reason never gets to the neediest people. Bribes must be given to certain people for things to start moving. The world is asked, as they were for Haiti, to contribute money but the money finds its way into corrupt official hands, again never reaching the people. The united nations are the people to step in here but they seem to be missing in action. These poor people don’t have a chance.

And now for the poll: Which would you rather have as your leader: A crack-head or a bigot?

We’ll talk…

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