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The Blanche Report: The Alert, The Sinkhole & The System

So you must have heard, unless you’re on vacation under a rock, that there’s a world-wide terrorist alert. Many embassies in the middle east and north Africa are closed. Airports and tourist spots in North America and Europe have very tight security.  Americans traveling have been told to be vigilant. Today the United States is leaking information that there is a liquid explosive that is undetectable at airports or where screening takes place and this is what they fear will be used. Can we talk?

It seems that Yemen is the culprit behind what is causing the United States to batten down the hatches. Why is there an embassy at all in Yemen? It was attacked last year and anyone who is in there, no matter when, is in danger. Just shut it down. It doesn’t deter from listening in to the chatter wherever they are listening.

Many people are of the opinion that because the alert is so public, whoever is planning something will postpone it for now. While that may be true, it also gives the good guys more time to find out what’s really going on. In the meantime, if you see something, say something.

So the geniuses have finally removed the backhoe from the sinkhole on one of the busiest corners in Montreal. Nice rhyme, eh – backhoe – sinkhole? It appears that those in the neighborhood were complaining for a week or so that there was water leaking from somewhere into their basements. Guess what? Nobody listened and now we have a gigantic mess, yet again, downtown.

We are sure that we are not the only ones getting tired of hearing that the infrastructure is old and decaying. Every city has that. What other cities don’t have is the absolute  incompetence and deep-rooted corruption that we have. Ergo, we get backhoes falling into sinkholes.

Guess who may run for a political office? Come on, take a wild guess. Chelsea Clinton. Yup. She and her husband bought a home in Gramercy Park in Manhattan, enabling her to either run for the senate or some other high profile position in the city of New York. Stay tuned. She has learned from the best of the best – her lovely parents – Bill and Hillary. First they drop a small pill. Then they watch the reaction. Then they open the door and then – poof! they are elected.

Yesterday, the Sabre system went down. Ah, you ask, what’s that?

It is the system that is used by 300 airports and 100 airlines that processes over 300 million passengers a year. And when the system goes down, an airline loses its reservation system in terms of tracking of reservations, passengers and flights. Which means, in English, that the airlines have no record of your reservation.

What can you do to protect yourself amid the chaos and mayhem that will erupt? Always have on hand at the airport a printed copy of your reservation and if possible a printed copy of your boarding pass. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Not that we want to give him any more publicity, but Anthony Weiner really needs to be put out of his misery. Wherever he goes campaigning, he gets heckled beyond what one can imagine. People scream at him, engage him in debates about what he has done and call him all kinds of interesting names. The guy just can’t take a hint. Here’s what we suggest: Find a log cabin somewhere in Montana, lose your phone and invite a shrink to keep you company for about six months.

We’ll talk…

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