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The Blanche Report: The Missives, The Prez & 9/11

One of most incredulous lines that Drainville said today when revealing the charter of ‘values’ was this: “The best way to respect all Quebecers, the best way to respect all beliefs and all religious, is for the state to have no religion.” Uh, exactly what happened to freedom of religion?

Blanche – unless you’re a pure-laine quebecois, ya ain’t gonna count no matter how good yer french is – la.  Even if all yer friends are french. Even if ya went to a french school. Even if ya sent yer kids to a french school. Remember the ethnics-and-money speech from Parizeau?

Da brainwaves in la belle province decided dat ya better not wear dat ring with the star of David. What? Ya never heard of dat kinda ring? Dose dudes who drew dose pictograms need to eat more poutine wit extra cheese and gravy. Also a coupla molsons couldn’t hoit dem. Right now all dey have between der ears is air and dat ain’t good for no one.

The world is busy with Syria right now. Once they come to themselves and find out what’s going on here, the princess and her little missives will again look like the buffoons that they are.

It was no drama Obama tonight in his address to his ‘fellow Americans and those in Syria. He managed to wiggle his way out of a war for the moment which is probably a good thing. He’s also the only leader in the world who actually did something – or almost did – about the slaughter of innocents.  That’s also good news. The bad news is that he thinks Putin is someone that tells the truth and can be relied on.  That’s pathetic.  As a Democratic strategist who works closely with the White House, and who requested anonymity to avoid political retribution, said “This has been one of the most humiliating episodes in presidential history.” And it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, which we haven’t heard yet.

And now for the New York Primaries: Voters went to the polls to choose the Democratic and Republican nominees for mayor, comptroller and other local races. It’s too early to tell who won with 39% of the polls in at this time, but we can tell you that Bill de Blasio has 39% of the vote while Anthony Weiner has 5.2%. Spitzer who is running for comptroller is running a close second.

In case you had nothing to worry about tonight, we’ve found you something. Apple has launched its new iPhone. Nothing spectacular about that except that it has a fingerprint sensor that can supplant your password and be used to make purchases from Apple’s various stores. Did your radar just go up? If it did, you are correct. When someone gets your password now and hacks into your email account, you just change your password. Ah, but imagine if someone hacked into your phone and got your fingerprint? Houston – we have a problem.

For starters biometric devices – which is what these phones are called,  are typically susceptible to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, and the vagaries of biology. Did you know that the quality of your fingerprint tends to decline significantly as you age? In other words, you could easily be locked out of your own phone. But the worst thing about this is once a thief has your fingerprint – you’re toast. He has it forever and ever. Blanche – what a night eh?

Where will you be in 2022? Hopefully not in Qatar who is hosting the world soccer championship during the summer when the temperatures can reach 120 in the shade. Would you believe that FIFA, the world cup soccer association is worrying about this now? They are thinking of moving it to November when it’s a tad cooler. Uh, let’s see, maybe they should have thought of this before they gave the games to Qatar? Na, that would have been intelligent. Tomorrow is 9/11. Say a silent prayer that the day comes and goes quietly. And take a moment to remember the over 3,000 souls who perished on that day.

We may be sending out another report on Thursday given barrage of news this week.

We’ll talk…

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