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The Blanche Report: The Princess, The Strike and The Mayor

It has been a few days since the arrest of both Michael Applebaum and Saulie Zajdel by UPAC, the anti-corruption unit of the Quebec Provincial Police . There are a few things that we just can’t figure out. It seems that the people involved knew about the charges against these two men. Why didn’t they just ask them to appear at SQ headquarters? They and their lawyers would have willingly complied with any request.

Why did they make such a spectacle at 6:00 am publicly humiliating them, alerting the media and causing more bad press – worldwide – for this already beleaguered city? And finally, why couldn’t they wait until after Applebaum’s term as interim mayor to charge him? He wasn’t going anywhere.

We were just wondering …who’s keeping tabs on the anti-corruption unit? We won’t spell out what we are thinking, but in this province anything and everything is possible.

Princess Pauline may not be in such a good mood today. In a poll published in La Presse, it seems that the popularity of her party is now down to 25% of the population, and she is the problem.  If the princess thinks this is bad, wait for the fallout of the construction strike.

July 1 is the official moving day in Quebec. Houses, apartments and condos undergoing renovation or in the midst of construction are frozen in time because of the construction strike. Zippo is happening. But the July 1st moving date is – pardon the pun – not moving.   If one has to be out of their apartment and bought a condo or home which will not be ready, what exactly are they supposed to do?

For those with money there are options. They can store their belongings and move in to a hotel or with friends or relatives. For those who live in low-income housing where space is tight for everyone, their options are not very good, to say the least. We have a suggestion:

Tell the movers to bring all their belongings to the princess’s house and place them neatly it on her front lawn, with each family getting a portion of the grass. Of course all the items must be properly tagged or they could get mixed up. When that’s done each family should pitch a tent near their belongings as that will be their new home until the strike is over and their homes finished. They would only have to bother the princess to use the loo. As of today, wearing a mask at a riot is a crime punishable with a maximum 10 year prison term.  Bill C-309 introduced in 2011 passed third reading in the Senate on May 23 and was proclaimed law during a royal assent ceremony in the Senate this afternoon.

The tree-huggers, save-the-whales and save-the-planet civil libertarians were not happy with this bill citing that it could infringe on free speech. Blanche – pass the barf bag. If a person feels strongly enough about an issue that they will take to the streets, why hide behind a mask? Unless of course the underlying motive is rioting, breaking store windows in order to steal, burning cars and causing general mayhem.

Heads are starting to roll over who hired Edward Snowden and gave him top secret security clearance. Seems that not every piece of information he gave to his employer was, shall we say, accurate.

There are huge posters of Snowden all over Hong Kong. Guess ‘people’ want to find him. We also guess that there are enough rich people who don’t want him found and are giving him sanctuary somewhere. Notice how quiet the media is about this in the past few days?

Next week Montreal will have yet another mayor. Who wants this job? Seems that there is no shortage of people who think they can fill the shoes of mayor until November. Could someone please tell all the candidates that if they have, shall we say, a skeleton in the closet, to stay home and not run.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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