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The Blanche Report: Vive la Quebec, Room Service & It’s Gone

So we’re back in the international newspapers again and it ain’t for anything good. BBC news picked up the story about the Quebec soccer federation not allowing sikh boys to play soccer with their turbans on. Brigitte Frot (what a name), the director general of the Quebec Soccer Federation, was asked what would happen if a five-year-old Sikh player were to register to play with his friends.”He can go and play in his backyard”, was the response.

Wait, the story gets better. Frot said that the federation had not conducted safety studies on turbans, as the organization did not have money for one. She went on to say that the federation was taking a cue from Fifa’s turban rules, but the international football organization has no regulations regarding the head covering.

We think it’s official. Princess pauline and her cohorts and just plain stupid. Nothing more, nothing less. Either that or they are bound and determined to stay the laughing stock of the world.

Did you ever go to a hotel and order room service? Probably when you went with your parents or with friends, but it was a long time ago. Well ladies and gents, the party’s over. The 2,000-room New York Midtown Hilton will end room service for good in August, laying off 55 workers and introducing a cafeteria-style grab-and-go restaurant as a replacement. If they were smart, they would add some kosher pre-packaged food to the menu. Blanche, what’s the world comin to if the Hilton don’t give no more room service?  Go git the beer cooler and make soma dem der samwiches. We’re goin on a road trip and the hotel ain’t servin us in ar room after da long drive.

Remember Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s uh, problem? The one with the alleged video depicting him smoking something that was not tobacco? The one that no one can seem to find? Well, according to Gawker, who broke the story, it’s really gone. They got in touch with the intermediary dealing with the dudes who own the video and they confirmed that it’s ‘gone’. How smelly is this story? How slimy is this mayor? Feh.

Laval, Quebec’s third largest city is now under provincial trusteeship. Why? Because the new interim mayor, Alexandre Duplessis, is alleged to have also taken part in illegal party financing. Of course he’s denying the accusation, but in the meantime he high-tailed it out of dodge.

So now princess pauline’s missives are in charge of Laval. Why do we think that the bigger hand is now in the till? The Charbonneau commission is only revving up. Eventually it will get to the provincial level and then – hold onto your hat. Who will be the trustee of the trustee?

Remember Senator Mike Duffy who received a cheque of $90,000 from Nigel Wright, the ex chief of staff of Harper’s office? Wright lost his job over that little cheque. Well guess what? The Senate ethics officer has suspended her investigation on Duffy because she’s waiting for the RCMP to finish their investigation.Guess when the RCMP will finish investigating? We’d say around mid-July when the country is on vacation and no one really wants to hear about Duffy or his cohort Pamela Walin, also being investigated for spending too much money on travel expenses.

Harper has stonewalled this entire fiasco and it looks like his silence is bringing him results. Just keep quiet and eventually people will forget. He must have gone to the same school as Rob Ford…

We will end with yet another Quebec story that is sure to make world news. Quebec health authorities are asking 1,000 colonoscopy and endoscopy patients from a Lévis hospital (in Quebec) to submit to HIV and hepatitis B and C screening after finding out that equipment used in those procedures had not been adequately sterilized. Again it gets better.

It was discovered hospital staff had not been properly disinfecting it for the past eight years. Hello? Anybody home?  It took eight years for someone to discover that instruments were not being properly sterilized?!!!! Again, stupid people are running places that they just don’t have the brains to run.

We’ll talk…

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