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The Blanche Report: VOTE, VOTE, VOTE

So the municipal elections are finally upon us  – this Sunday to be exact. No matter what the weather, no matter how much you like or dislike who is running, it is your duty to vote.

There were certainly a few memorable moments floating around during the weeks leading up to the election. Bergeron’s idea of putting streetcars back on the streets of Montreal is certainly up there. Cordere’s dude – an ex Mayor Tremblay man –  who is now under investigation for fraud, was also a winner.

So is the idea of building a $27 million underground hockey arena in the little town of Hampstead, mercifully not presented by the incumbent mayor. He has his feet firmly planted on terra firma.  If that arena ever materialized, every house in that area would be paying about $700 per year for 20 years. Ouch. Watch out what who you vote for. Ya never know what will follow such extravagant dreams – always with OPM – other people’s money. Same old, same old even if the face is new.

Why is it that politicians think they are above the law? Remember a few months ago there was a video allegedly showing the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, shall we say, sniffing something that wasn’t roses? And then remember that mysteriously if you are the police or miraculously if you are Rob Ford, said video vanished? Well, it has resurfaced. Toronto police announced on Thursday that they had recovered a video that is alleged to show the city’s mayor, Rob Ford smoking something – and it wasn’t cigarettes. Uh oh. Twouble coming.

Seems that the digital video file was recovered through a forensic examination of a hard drive recovered during an investigation of Ford’s driver (of a car that is).  Mr. Ford was indignant when the press tried to ask him questions. He’s carrying on as though nothing happened. He could have the mother-of-all-sense of entitlement. This weekend, the Conservative party is having a huge convention. Unfortunately for Prime Minister Harper, they may be clapping for him, but they are also talking about him. He thought that by this time, the three senators (Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau) would have been long gone from the senate. Things did not pan out as he planned because Duffy is fighting like a maniac.

We decided to find out what purpose the senate fills in our lives. In a nutshell, they help make and form the laws we live by. Pretty important, n’est pas? So what’s the problem with the senate?

It’s a place where, if your friend gets elected to a high office and you supported him for years and years, he gives you a prize – a senate seat. It’s a lifetime job with a nice salary and even nicer perks. What can be done about this patronage? Make sure that senators are elected just like everyone else is. Until that happens, we will have scandals like the one we are witnessing now.

Edward Snowden has a job. Although we don’t know where exactly in Moscow it is, one thing we can say with certainty – it’s in the computer industry. (Rocket scientist, n’est pas?) He still lives a life that we wouldn’t want for half a second. He has to sneak out of his guarded, secret location only at night and often in disguise, as he still fears that he will be snatched by the Americans.

And while we are on the subject of Snowden, we must say that he’s becoming a real pain. He is slowly leaking out the National Security Agency secrets, tidbit by tidbit, the latest one that the Pope was spied upon. Here’s the deal: There are some very bad people out there who want to harm us – the infidels. Without being able to listen into their conversations, the good guys would be really behind the eight ball. Yes, the NSA went to far and the government has admitted such.  Nonetheless, Snowden is wreaking havoc, causing the left of left Obama to begin apologizing to those who may not exactly be our friends.

For the umpteenth time we are pointing out that the Sochi olympics, which are now less than 100 days away, seem to be the best kept secret of the decade. Why is no one talking about them?

Keep your eye on Hillary Clinton. She’s been speaking all over the place at a cool $200,000 – $250,000 per gig, slowly amassing a small fortune. As well, it just came to light that all of the senate democratic women have written her a letter encouraging her to run. One thing we can say for sure – she’s one shrewd politician with a new haircut. Hehehehe

Notre Montreal!

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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