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Creolegate. Yup. That’s what we have now. Two dudes who work in a hospital were eating lunch – on their own time – and having a conversation in their Haitian native language of Creole. Sitting nearby was a french person who became incensed that those two workers were speaking something other than french. Before you can say princess pauline, she was told about this ‘incident’. 

The hospital was ‘warned’ that if this happens again they will be fined $20,000. Can we talk? 

The average level of intelligence of many french speaking quebcois in this province must be well, well below the average. If all they can think about is who is speaking french their brains are obviously fried.  Have you not had enough of their language laws, their language police, their idiotic charter of values – which is really a charter of racism.  

We will remind you of an older movie called Network where the lead actor leaned out a window and said, ‘I’M MAD AS H.LL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE.’ Let’s all lean out our windows (when it gets a bit warmer Blanche) and yell this at the top of our lungs. Small-minded, stupid people run this place. Intelligent people must come forward and move those with personal agendas out of the way. Far, far out of the way. 

There’s are two large apartment buildings in a suburb of our city with no heat. They haven’t had heat for almost a month. Today the temperature dropped well below 0. We wonder (in our warm and cozy house) how the city allows an owner to get away with this. Is the entire city and its suburbs completely corrupt? Is everyone on the take? If not, where is the mayor of that municipality and why is he not forcing the landlord to fix the heat within 24 hours or the city will do it and he will get the bill. Banana republic. We live in a banana republic. 

Rob Ford could be the biggest idiot – well, second only to our idiots here – in politics. He recently called a Sun Times reporter a pedophile. The reporter said that if Ford did not retract that statement he would sue him for liable. Well today Ford apologized – Ford style. He said he was sorry for what he said. The reporter said – not enough dude. You are not really sorry. You’re sorry Ford style. 

The reporter wanted Ford to say he apologized  because ” I said false, damaging, and unfounded things, and here they are…” Looks like Ford best start amassing a small fortune for all the lawyers he is going to have to be paying on many fronts. 

Going to Shanghai anytime soon? Best read this. Due to the extreme smog and resulting low visibility, pilots will need to be rated to land

airplanes using the ‘precision auto-landing instruments’. Simultaneous translation: They will have to learn to land ‘blind’ without seeing the runway until they are basically on it. Yikes!

Here we go again. Obama is taking a holiday and Americans are paying for it. All of the Obamas including their dawgs are off to sunny Hawaii. Michelle already left to set things up. The cost for an early departure: $100,000. A cargo plane is also needed to bring Presidential limos, helicopters and other essentials along.  Essentials? Toothpaste is an essential. Helicopters? Spare us. 

Then there’s security for the president and his family. A team of between four and six Marine Corps will travel along on a separate flight and require per diem and hotel, coming in at $258,000. 

The Obamas do cover the expense for their own private beach-front home in Kailua, Oahu, which costs up to $3,500 per day ($75,000 per month). (What’s that you say – you heard him say he understands the ‘little people?’ Dream on.) However, taxpayers are responsible for housing monies associated with the U.S. Secret Service, Coast Guart and Navy Seals. There are seven houses needed to accommodate these individuals, which amounts to about $21,600 per home. 

Obama needs to run away. He is facing his fifth year in office with the lowest approval ratings at this point in the presidency since President Richard Nixon – at 43%. Only Nixon went lower than that during Watergate with a 29% rating. If Obamacare keeps going the way it is, Obama may actually win the prize on this.  Blanche – go git the barf bag – the big one. Feh. 

Remember we told you that last weekend was the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shootings? Now guess what the most popular gift is this year in Florida? If you guessed guns you are correct. Now get this: The National Rifle Association said that in addition to buying firearms as gifts, gun sales have grown due to the improved economy. What one thing has to do with the other is beyond our capacity of understanding. What we can tell you is that Americans are not about to change their ways anytime soon – no matter how many children are killed by guns. Oy. 

We’ll talk…

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