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The Boy Scouts of America Need to Cool It.

Shout-out to Bell Canada for their absolutely unbelievable service. Our gardener cut our internet wire and within 30 minutes of calling Bell service, the technician was on the pole fixing our problem and voila!

So we’re not sure what can be done about systemic racism in the Montreal police force but we do know one thing, which we said in our last blog: another commission to see the lay of the land is an empty promise and a huge waste of your tax dollars. Been there done that. It’s old, tired news and the last few commissions into this went absolutely nowhere.

Time passed, people forgot and it became old news. What exactly is the difference this time? In 2017 there was such a report with about 38 recommendations. Cost a lot of money, people made a lot of money gathering  information and poof! gone with the wind. Uh oh. Blanche, that’s now politically incorrect. That movie is now verboten.

Time will tell if this time is different. One thing we can tell you with certainty. Defunding police departments is not the answer. Like it or not, there are still bad guys out there – both black and white.

Taking police officers away, especially in lower-income areas is like the mother-of-all-invitations to every gang out there. Come on down. You won’t have to worry about the police because they have been replaced with social workers, mental health care workers and people who will talk to you about your eeeeemooooootions.

If you had any thoughts that China was going to get rid of wet markets, you must have been having a dream. Those markets are part of the Chinese culture as it is part of their food chain. It goes like this: If it can’t run away, it gets eaten.

There is a new and serious outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing in more than 20 neighbourhoods which were fenced off on this week. Security checkpoints were set up at residential compounds, and high-risk people – such as close contacts of people who tested positive were prevented from leaving the city. And you can be very sure that they are using the word prevented very literally.

The outbreak – linked to 106 cases, including 27 reported today – has been traced to the Xinfadi wholesale food market in south-west Beijing’s Fengtai district, which sells thousands of tonnes of food a day and which had been visited by more than 200,000 people since  May 30. Samples of the virus were discovered on chopping boards used for fish.

And the piece de resistance… a deputy director at the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University, told state media he believed the new outbreak involved a more contagious strain of the virus than the one that hit Wuhan at the beginning of the pandemic.

All of this to say don’t let your guard down quite yet. This virus has no boundaries – not for countries and not for how it mutates. While we are not completely confined to our homes as the weather is better, the safer way to live for now is to stay away from crowds, wear a mask and gloves when you go shopping and most importantly, wash your hands.

Olympia, Washington, Mayor Cheryl Selby has been a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter. As a matter of fact she has both the Black Lives Matter and gay pride flags hanging from her porch. Alas, this past week her home was vandalised by the ‘protesters’ aka friends and members of Black Lives Matters . She’s calling it domestic terrorism.

As she said, it’s very noble to support protesters until they come to your house. Ah, then you start singing a different tune. Earlier this month, she released a statement supporting the protests and saying she would not institute a curfew. Our guess is that she is re-thinking her decision.

In the you-won’t believe-it department, did you ever hear of a Densuke watermelon? It’s grown in northern Japan and was sold at auction on Monday for about $2,000. That’s a lot for a piece of fruit, but down more than 70% from last year’s season-opening auction. The total before the drop in tourism would have been about $6,600. Welcome to the coronavirus backlash. We hope this does not hit North America as Japan is now in a deflation crisis.

Not to panic anyone, but today, Florida reported reported 2,783 new confirmed virus cases. They were spared the first round of the pandemic but they they didn’t really do any testing, so frankly, didn’t know who had it and who didn’t. They are going into high-risk environments, testing farm workers and migrant workers.

Governor DeSantis is flatly stating that the increase in cases is not because they opened bars and restaurants and would not close them. There have been at least 80,101 cases of the virus in Florida, the eighth highest number in the nation.

Let’s just say that no one in a position of leadership should be making sweeping statements that they may have to walk back.

Why is it ok to hold protests, day after day after day of thousands of people in very close proximity to each other and it’s not ok for Donald Trump to hold a rally for a few thousand people for a couple of hours? Just asking.

Sorry ladies and gents but black lives matter is beginning to make and allowing others to make a mockery out of what is a real issue.

The National Executive Committee for the Boy Scouts of America announced a new badge related to “diversity and inclusion” citing their support of blm. The new badge will be a prerequisite to becoming an Eagle Scout, according to the committee.

If blm doesn’t start reigning in organisations from doing this kind of stuff, no one will take them seriously.

And finally, stop eating before you read this next piece. It has now been proven that a large cloud of virus-laden droplets can be released high into the air when you flush a toilet — and it can hang around long enough to be inhaled by others. Ich.

You may be thinking that scientists had to go and watch people flush but mercifully such is not the case. They created computer simulations of how water and air flows in flushing toilets.

While a simple solution is to close the toilet lid before flushing, many toilets in public restrooms don’t have lids. Our suggestion: Do like your mother said: Go to the loo before you leave your house.

We’ll talk…

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