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Update: The Iowa Democratic Chair apologised with a tinge of smugness for not being able to come up with the results of last night’s caucus.

As of the writing of this blog, Joe Biden has imploded and Pete is slightly beating Bernie. Warren is far behind Pete.

Last night and well into today, the Democratic Party imploded under the weight of absolute incompetence. Tens of millions of people sat waiting for the Iowa caucus results last night and they got nothing. Zip. Nada. The app didn’t work, nor did the phones when the captains at each polling station tried to call in their numbers. Now Blanche, why do you think this is? Because Hillary Clinton and her staff is still running the show?

For starters, one of the creators of the app is Robby Mook. We will remind you that he was the campaign ‘strategist’ and campaign manager for the failed Hillary Clinton campaign. During the Hillary campaign, he decided, against the advice of many,  to rely only on analytics rather than on the ground evidence of how his nominee was doing. His strategy was a complete and total failure.

It also seems the app was never tested. Uh, even amateurs know that before you publicly launch something you make sure it works. Not rocket science dearies.

It appears that other things are at play in this Iowa caucus, the main one being that Joe Biden imploded together with the app, coming in at 4th or 5th place, with Pete Buttigege leading the pack and Bernie not far behind. To the insiders of the party, that their propped up choice (sleepy Joe) did so poorly must be making them search for the vodka. 

Add these failed tries to get rid of Trump by the Democrats: Hauling out Christine Blasey Ford to testify against Brett Kavanaugh; Shlepping out Robert Mueller who it appears has early onset Alzheimers; the impeachment blunder, the very serious battle for control within the Democrat party between the centrists and the Socialists and now the Iowa caucus debacle and  you have a party in total disarray and confusion.

Be very happy you don’t live in Wuhan China, not only because of the Coronavirus. In a few days – read that again – a. few. days. – the Chinese government has built an entire hospital to fight the ‘outbreak’ of the Coronavirus. Our guess is what they are really constructing is a very large building to hold those with the virus in one facility – both the live ones and the dead ones.

Justin Trudeau’s handlers are doing a wonderful job of keeping him out of the papers and media in general. Once we’re talking, the media is complicit in helping Justin regain the trust of the population, giving him a pass when he shouldn’t have one. Read on to the most current case in point.

Did you know that our illustrious Prime Minister and two of his cabinet ministers are wooing Ethiopia? And do you know why they are wooing Ethiopia? Because Canada is trying to get a seat on the infamous security council and Ethiopia has a vote to make that happen.

While our members of parliament are spending your money running to Africa and clearly offering them big prizes for their vote, there’s almost no chance that Ethiopia will support Canada’s bid to sit in that horrendous building as we give them very little money.

We will remind you that the security council resolution 2334 called Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, an ‘occupying power’. The UN also elected Saudi Arabia’s to the Commission on the Status of Women, a total farce.

And this is what Justin Trudeau is moving heaven and earth and spending money like it doesn’t belong to him – oh wait, it doesn’t belong to him – to get our country to sit with a bunch of thugs. Feh.

Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahantas, whose campaign has gone insane against the ‘rich and powerful’ was caught flying on a private plane on Monday night. 

Instead of owning up to what she did, she did tried to hide behind one of her staffers near the plane. This woman is truly loathsome. She best have plan b cause she ain’t getting anywhere near the White House in this lifetime.

Remember this name: Marilyn Gladu. She will hopefully be running for the leadership of the Conservative party. When she becomes a candidate, we will tell you more about her. All we can say today is to watch this 6’2″ woman, who has been in the business world for 30 years and a member of parliament for Sarnia for a few years.

She is articulate, intelligent, quick on her feet and not afraid to take a stand on issues. She very much reminds us of Margaret Thatcher.

We’ll talk…

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