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The Fat Lady Sang For Rubio

Rubio finally took his campaign out of its misery after losing his home state Florida to Trump. Kaisch won Ohio which means Trump still has to carry on even though he won Illinois. Ted Cruz was shut out of any delegates tonight. He may very well go the same route as Rubio sooner than later. The big question is where those Rubio supporters are going.

The number of delegates needed to win to be the official presidential candidate, before the convention is 1237. If no one gets to that magic number, the convention will be crucial, especially to the establishment of the Republican party.

The political pundits are ballistic. They simply cannot believe that so many Americans are supporting Trump. In a poll taken recently, people were asked why they supported him. Ya know what the answer was by far? 63% said they liked him because he’s not politically correct. Not for his trade, tax or immigration policy. But because he is saying what people are feeling. He’s resonating with them.

This statistic reminds us of the movie Network where the famous line was yelled out the window: I’m mad as he.l and not going to take it anymore.

While this whole election campaign is playing out, Blanche is reading The Big Short. We need a dictionary to explain many of the stock market terms, yet we do get one thing: the little people were duped and discarded then and still are now.

The middle class in America is just tired of being taken. By Wall Street. By the politicians. By the United Nations. By the special interest groups. By people who just don’t care how hard they work and yet still cannot survive.

That’s why Trump is winning. He’s nuts. He’s a narcissist. He’s most likely not capable of running the country. But until someone else comes forward, not a political insider, he’s going to continue to push ahead. In case you haven’t heard yet, Anonymous came out against Trump…again. They tried at the end of 2015 because they didn’t like his proposed ban on muslims entering the United States.

They are going to try to take down his website and while they may make a small dent, Trump does not rely on his site for donations. Last we checked, his site is still up and running.

Quebec’s pet company called Bombardier that la belle province keeps bailing out is really something special. Buried in Montreal Gazette’s Financial Post today was this little ditty: Bombardier was awarded a contract to upgrade London’s Underground automatic train system. They said they could do the job by 2018 at a cost of $670 million or 354 pounds. Zut alors they couldn’t do it.

The contract was cancelled in December 2013 and given to a French transportation company. London claims that Bombardier duped them from the beginning, that they could never produce those trains on time or not on time.

And yet, the Quebec government keeps on filling their bank account because the company is the ‘pride and joy’ of la belle province. Can we talk? We have plenty of other places that could use that money and actually run their company very well.

The new super hospital in Montreal has been open for a very short time and already there are huge issues thanks to under-funding from the Quebec government. Blanche, do you think the bureaucrats in Quebec know that a hospital is about sick people? Do they think people go there for a few days off work? Maybe a bed and breakfast in the new hospital? Not.

People are grateful to be able to live in a first-world country and get first rate care. Now we find out that the government will only fund 85% of the beds. What happens to the other 15% of the people who are sick and need care?

It appears that the MUHC recently hired 28 nurses for the neonatal intensive-are unit at the Glen site. However, those hirings are now in jeopardy because of the latest funding cut.

The moral of this story is to be careful not to get sick or need a hospital bed when it’s very busy there.

We’ll talk…

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