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Today is truth and reconciliation day for the Indigenous people. We are supposed to be wearing orange in memory of a five-year old girl who was given a bright orange top by her mother to wear on her first day in a residential school. Of course it was ripped off her back the second she walked in the door.

Truth and reconciliation will only come when the church finds their kahoonas and/or is once and for all shamed into owning  up to the fact that they were the ones who carried out the ‘cleansing’ of these children. Their ‘task’, which was severely and inhumanely carried out,  was to erase their heritage which included their customs, language and names. Abhorrent, barbaric behavior. Nothing less and not to be diminished.

The church is, plain and simple, evil. They always have been. It was in the church sermons for hundreds of years that  hounded the Jewish people, eventually resulting in the Holocaust. The church is the one of, if not the most fraudulent organizations in the world. It never ceases to amaze us as to how anyone can follow anything they espouse.

Now get this one Blanche: In his most whiny, pitying, sappy voice, our illustrious Prime Ministers, Justin Trudeau ‘stood’ with the Indigenous people on their day of truth and reconciliation. Trouble is he is on vacation in Italy so he obviously recorded this beforehand and is ‘standing’ with them in a trattoria in Torino. 

Even worse than that, at the end of the statement issued by his office it said that he is speaking today with residential school survivors from across the country. Not. Someone in his office cannot read a calendar nor Justin’s itinerary. Or, he tried to pretend he was here and, as usual, got caught in a lie.

This day is the same as all the other such days. We don’t get mail, government office are closed, people march in the street with candles and then, tomorrow it’s business as usual. Nothing has or will change. Self-serving, tree-hugging drivel for white folks to feel good about themselves.

Papa Legault is becoming like the dictators in China. If you criticize him you are attacking all of Quebec. Woah there. Last time we looked, we still live in a democracy. Quebec is a soft racist society.  It’s not in-your-face racism. Rather, it’s insidious and crafty, much like Papa Legault’s extreme disdain for any kind of criticism – always smiling while giving zingers.

Oh, we  love everyone but if you are visibly religious, we love you just a little bit less. Wait. So much less that if you want certain jobs in this province, you cannot wear a hijab or yarmulka. If Papa Legault thinks that by shouting at those who call him out on this and other things will make them go away, he’s in for a big surprise.

Unless of course he intends to start acting like China and that is arresting anyone who dares say anything negative about his government. People there simply disappear.

And we still cannot understand why French Canadians are not shouting and marching in the streets at the fact that they are now completely shut out of English higher education. These teens know very well that the language of the world is English. We are guessing as well that for the most part, via Netflix and the internet, they all know English.

Having Papa Legault try to keep them under his thumb is another very strong sign of his dictatorship qualities.

Annamie Paul quit the Green party. The Green party was founded in 1983 and this year could be the end of the party as their save-the-trees-whales and turtles followers know it.

They have no rudder, no leader and no platform other than that their name is green so people associate it with the environment and that those who ousted Paul are heavy anti-Semites. Bon chance to those who remain green. Not a color we opt for in politics.

Be very, very happy you do not live in Australia. The Prime Minister there, Scott Morrison was very slow to order the vaccines. As of this past June, when most of the first-world countries were well into vaccinating their populations, only 3% of Australians were vaccinated. In August, Morrison was forced to apolgize for the slow rollout. The country has been basically in lockdown for almost two years and it’s not helping. Cases in Melbourne have hit a record high.

People are literally going stir-crazy and started to protest in the streets. They were met with riot police firing rubber bullets. Jews who tried to go to synagogue during the High Holy Days were heavily fined, with police waiting 12 hours until they finally left the building.

Here’s a headline for Morrison: People are going to get covid and you cannot keep them locked up for five years or until you deem it ‘safe’ for them to return to a normal society. If he’s not careful, Australia will implode under his watch – economically, socially and emotionally.

One more thing about the day of truth and reconciliation. While the day is clearly needed, the only English radio station in Montreal, which has become uber liberal and woke, does not need to devote the entire day to this. It’s called overkill and another one of those feel good moments.

At long last, a black person has called out Al Sharpton. For the life of us, we cannot fathom why he is a constant guest on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe, a relatively fair political show.

Glenn Loury, a black economist and Brown University professor, called Sharpton out:

If Al Sharpton was running around urging African-Americans to adopt kids who don’t have any parents; if he was going to find ex-offenders who were prepared to reject the gang life and affirm decent ways of living and foster relationships of guidance with young men who were not yet on the right path and so forth and so on; if he was working with the cops and not against the cops to try to keep the peace in some of these neighborhoods, I’d have more respect for him.

Biden called Sharpton his ‘pal’. Loury asks: Is Sharpton’s buddy President Joe Biden going to rescue inner-city Baltimore? At the brokerage of Al Sharpton Joe Biden is going to save education for poor black people? Joe Biden is going to make it safe to walk on the South Side of Chicago after midnight because Al Sharpton is in the Oval Office?”

Al Sharpton is a very busy with one person. Al Sharpton. A New York Times article was way more out-there than Loury:

Sharpton is as toxic a figure as exists in American public life. Space does not permit here a full summary of Sharpton’s sins, which include inciting murder, riot, and arson, leading a hoax rape accusation against innocent men, anti-Semitism, and tax evasion … There are plenty of terrible people in American politics, but Sharpton has a body count to go with an unusually broad range of misconduct.

Which is why we ask again, why is Morning Joe giving this slime-ball one minute of airtime, much less a few times a week.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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