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Statscan released a new study, one it seems that has never been done before. It tracked what language people speak at home and it appears that in Quebec, while more people are speaking french at home the proportion of the overall provincial population is decreasing. Czar legault's government got good and bad news.

The question to ask is why was this study released now, a few days before the czar legault is about to call an election and is the front-runner to win. Is Justin helping him win? It appears he is as he just handed the czar the perfect fodder for his base in the Beauce. Taber wit - said Jean Guy while having a Molson's - mes confreres are leaving and not just pour le weekend.

Secondly, what business is it of any government what language you speak at home? It is none of their business. Just like it's not their business what we do in our homes. Or, as Justin's father Pierre said, the government has no place in the nation's bedrooms. Somebody is overstepping their boundaries.

And one more thing about this. Of all the things wrong in Quebec, what language people are speaking in their homes is the burning issue? Come on. Anybody who votes for the czar deserves whatever they get - which will certainly not be much in terms of health care.

In an effort to make Quebec's health system 'more efficient and more human', the czar's government will create - get this one Blanche - another (useless) health agency to coordinate operations.

There are simply no words to describe the arrogance of this government. Where was the CAQ the last four years? After the big covid crisis was over two years ago and everything hit the fan in our hospitals and senior homes, the czar promised to overhaul the healthcare system. Remember he was going to hire 10,000 more people? Well, he did nothing of the sort and our hospitals and senior homes are still on life-support if not worse.

Czar legault knows the people who vote for him have an IQ of a squirrel and believe whatever he says. He doesn't even need to give them cake. Nuts will do just fine and they will still vote for him. They better stay very healthy for a very long time if they know what's good for them.

Looks like Trump is in a bit more trouble. Allen Weisselberg, his chief accountant, pleaded guilty to evading taxes in a deal with prosecutors that could potentially make him a star witness against the company at a trial this fall.

Weisselberg admitted to taking in over $1.7 million worth of untaxed perks -- including school tuition for his grandchildren, free rent for a Manhattan apartment and lease payments for a luxury car -- and explicitly keeping some of the money off the books. Seriously? He didn't think anyone would catch this? But we digress.

In taking a plea bargain, Weisselberg will have to testify as a prosecution witness when the Trump Organization goes on trial in October on related charges.

Weisselberg was sentenced to five months in New York City’s Rikers Island although he will be eligible for release much earlier if he behaves well behind bars. Ya think he's going to be a good boy?

The judge said Weisselberg will have to pay nearly $2 million in taxes, penalties and interest and complete five years of probation.

The czar legault says he plans to make the healthcare system more humane? Here's a starting point: Do you know that after five-years old your child is no longer eligible to be seen for their yearly check-up? Nope. Yearly checkups are a waste of time. Quebec sais faire.

The czar and his henchman Simon Jolin Barrette decided that your children won't develop any illness after the age of five. And what if they do? Go see your family doctor.

But wait a minute. You don't have a family doctor. Suck it up Jean Guy. Get your tuchus to the emergency with your kid and wait for 20 hours to be seen.

Czar legault and simon jolin barrette clearly went to the Putin school of how to pretend everything is fine with the population when in fact, the system is collapsing.

More the the Lisa Laflamme firing. There is more to this than meets the eye.

Let's start with the fact that she let her hair go grey in front a national audience which seems to have irked the executives at Bell Media. It appears that if men allow their hair to grey they look 'distinguished'. But when women let their hair go grey they look old. She didn't care and for that, we laud her.

Then there's the executive who was hired not that long ago. His job was to cut costs - at all costs. Seems he and Laflamme didn't see eye to eye and he doesn't like it when women win.

On thing is certain. She got callously axed after a long career with Bell Media. You know Blanche, you can say anything to anyone as long as you do it a) with a smile and b) as a decent human being. Once you start exercising your 'authority', people's backs go up.

Bell Media is coming across, not only for this firing but many others in the media world, as cold and calculating, looking only at their bottom line.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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