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The Great Escape

President Trump pulled out of the Iran deal today. What was that deal? Signed in 2015 by the Obama regime and other world powers and Iran, it lifted most U.S. and international sanctions against the country. In return, Iran agreed to restrictions on its nuclear program making it impossible to produce a bomb, along with rigorous inspections.

So here’s the first headline: Iran never allowed inspectors to visit military bases – “It’s our honor, or our wife — we cannot give access to others.”  Iran has argued that inspections of military sites would violate national sovereignty, although the 2015 deal it signed with the United States and five other world powers allows inspectors to gain limited access to any site where illicit nuclear activity is suspected.

It took five minutes after Trump announced his withdrawal for this:  Israel has instructed local authorities in the Israeli-held Golan Heights to “unlock and ready (bomb) shelters” after identifying what the military described as “irregular activity of Iranian forces in Syria”.

The military statement further said that its defense systems had been deployed “and IDF (Israel Defence Force) troops are on high alert for an attack”.

Iran cannot and never could be trusted. Obama needed to sign some kind of deal with some foreign power before he left office. You may not like Trump, but he called both Obama and Iran’s bluff. And we will bet that it will not affect his talks with North Korea.

There is no doubt that we are at the mercy of Americans when it comes to the sheer numbers of people trying to get into Canada illegally. There is a way to immigrate to Canada legally and it’s not crossing fences or skirting borders.

So what’s happening now that the weather is better and the influx of people trying to get here is increasing manifold?

It appears that conditions are not to their liking. In Quebec, they’re housed at a lock-up in Laval and because of the spike in illegal crossings, detention times are getting longer – 24 days on average, compared with 16 last year.

According to news reports, 35 people squabble over access to the two toilets and three sink and there are long lines for showers. The quality of the food, is also not great. Children stay with their mothers in a separate wing of the Laval facility.

Can we talk? People who came by boat to Ellis Island and did no legally, were subjected equal if not worse conditions. The fact that the people coming into to Canada via a path and not the border are being vetted and not tossed back over the border should be enough to keep them silent.

What is infuriating is that there are thousands of people trying to get in legally, waiting for years. They are the ones who should be complaining the most and the loudest.

Blanche, looks like we have another Elliot Spitzer scandal. Eric Schneiderman, New York state’s top prosecutor (attorney general), a public defender of the #MeToo movement, avowed feminist and antagonist of Donald Trump, has become the latest public figure to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct. He resigned late Monday about 3 hours after being accused of physically assaulting four women.

It appears he viciously punched and hit the women who have pictures to prove what he did. Spitzer was the governor, a notch or two about Schneiderman. What’s with these Jewish guys? Seriously.

Yesterday there was a test of the emergency alert system. It was supposed to go off on your radios, TV’s and phones. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and never went off on your phones. Good thing there wasn’t a real emergency, eh Blanche?

What we can’t figure out is who exactly they hired to get this system going? Obviously amateurs. How about calling some young-uns who know what they are doing? And wait – you can bet your bippy this whole deal cost thousands of dollars and will cost many more thousands to get it working. Your tax dollars at work.

Can anyone explain why, on a daily basis, we read about Jewish kids being attacked on the streets of New York and other cities?

Today in New York, a fourteen-year-old boy was punched in the face and called Jew boy. A few days ago a three-year old boy was harassed. Two weeks ago a man was sucker-punched in the face on Shabbos in Crown Heights. What the heck is going on?

We’ll talk…

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