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The ‘Intelligence’ of Americans

We always knew that Americans don’t really follow the news, but this is ridiculous. Yesterday was Martin Luther King day. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Of course you must be wondering the same thing we are. Why isn’t Martin Luther King day on April 4? Then we thought, well maybe January 19 is his birthday. Close. His birthday is January 15 so they celebrate the day on the third Monday of every January. But we digress.

A news team went on Monday asking the following question: What do you think of Martin Luther King’s death, making it seem as though he just passed away at the age of 93. One answer: “This is the first I heard about it, I didn’t watch the news.” Then they asked someone what they thought about King being the first Afro-American man to walk on the moon. Ready? ““What can I say? He was a good man and a good role model for African American astronauts. There’s nothing really to say here except now you can understand how  Obama was elected for two terms.

We don’t want to harp on Obama, but really, since princess pauline left the scene, he’s been the gift that keeps on giving. Tonight is the famous state of the union address. Of the many things he will propose is a new $500 second earner credit to help cover the additional costs faced by families in which both spouses work — benefiting 24 million couples.

Doesn’t he sound like he’s the best friend of the ‘folks’? Get this: His proposed credit wouldn’t even cover the tab for two at a Hawaii restaurant where he and beloved dined on New Year’s Day. It’s $295 per person and doesn’t even include wine.

There was a new Pew poll done about what Americans think about Obama. Here are the results: A good man but incompetent. We are guessing the good part depends which folks you belong to.

Living in Montreal, we are the furthest thing from Toronto maple leaf fans. For starters, they always think they are better than we are. Well, the leafs have hit rock bottom. Aw shucks. They are so bad that their fans are throwing their leafs sweaters onto the ice. The dudes who tossed their sweaters are getting fined over $100 each and can’t go back into the Air Canada center for a year. No loss there, eh?

Remember Monica Lewinsky? Remember the blue dress. Never mind. That’s not what we want to tell you. She has been nominated for a National Magazine Award for her Vanity Fair essay commenting on her relationship with Bill Clinton. Can we talk?

If we were her we would have changed our name long ago. She can’t get a proper job, people still look at her askance and all she did was… Meanwhile, Clinton is laughing all the way to the bank and doesn’t give a rats about her. Something’s wrong with this picture, wouldn’t you say?

If you think Paris has issues, don’t bother going to Belgium either. Looks they are in even worse shape. It seems that the country’s public schools are becoming “Jew-free” zones because of harassment.

In one public school, the last Jewish pupil, identified only as Sarah, posted a picture of herself holding the Belgian flag alongside the Israeli one in summer. She received 288 abusive comments, including threats, on Facebook, also by classmates and other pupils she did not know. In September, she began attending one of the Brussels region’s three major Jewish schools but the harassment’s continued. We sincerely hope this is not coming to a theatre near us.

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