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In case you didn't know, Benjamin Netanyahu was ordered arrested by the international criminal court along with hamas butcher sinwar and other barbarians responsible for the planning and execution of October 7.

In case you also didn't know, the icc's founding treaty was adopted by the UN General Assembly at a conference in Rome in July 1998.

Got that? The court that indicted Netanyahu is intrinsically tied into the corrupt, deceitful, nefarious united nations.

Even Biden understood that calling for the arrest of Netyanhu in the same breath as sinwar is outrageous.

We are not going to argue Israel's case. We will point out what a total farce both the court and un are - from top to bottom. Everybody in both institutions are part of keeping up the lies the world is ignorantly buying.

In the end, they will all find a special place in hell. Until then - we must keep fighting, not cower and stand proud and strong.

Upon hearing about Netanyahu's charges, Jagmeet Singh was rejoicing.

Part of his statement: The NDP welcomes the news that the ICC Chief Prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants against five senior Israeli and Hamas leaders.

Welcomes noch - a Yiddish word that means also but with much more gusto.

Who does this parasite think he is to even comment?

We thought this next sentence by singh particularly interesting: Justin Trudeau must show leadership and support the work of the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC - including any and all arrest warrants that may be issued.

Let's start with Justin must 'show leadership'. Seriously? Justin is the furthest thing from a leader we know let alone showing people the moral, ethical and honest way.

Justin should support the icc? Of course he should. Justin supports anything corrupt like the un and unwra.

Basically anything that smells of going after the Jews or who Justin perceives as the underdog - even if they are not, he and his sidekick singh quietly and insidiously support.

Hey Anthony - happy you stayed with these bloodsuckers? Wow. You're making such a difference. Not. You have not moved the needle one centimetre since you decided to stay with the people who never found time to visit Israel since October 7.

Ergo, much as you want to distance yourself, you stayed and are therefore tainted just like everybody else in that party. And that includes Justin's happiness at Netanyhu's ordered the arrest after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.

And speaking of den of lies that is the united nations - they had a moment of silence for the butcher of iran. Certainly not a shocker.

What was shocking was the state department of the United States of America putting out a statement offering condolences for the death of Ebrahim Raisi, man who was directly responsible for the death of thousands, probably tens of thousands.

He was not called the butcher of Iran because he knew how to cut a good steak. He was called the butcher of iran because he murdered thousands of his own people.

Oh my. The McGill protesters 'crossed the line' and went to the home of one of McGill's senior administrators. Punkt - NOW people are upset.

Not that these ignorant snowflakes didn't cross multiple lines before trying to invade someone's home.

Until now McGill has done nothing to get rid of them. Oh, the poor children. They are young and allowed their free speech. Ah...but...when NIMBY - not in my backyard - is invoked - the gloves are off.

And why did the little snowflakes go to the home of an administrator from McGill? Because people are ignoring them. Nobody cares anymore. They are useless, ignorant terds taking up space and many people realized it.

For our money they could stay on McGill's front lawn for the next five years. Let's see how long they last through the winter when nobody is paying attention to them? Our bet is five minutes and then they'll 'invade' McGill for warmth and a hot cocoa.

One more ditty about the international criminal court's decision to charge Netanyahu.

Most G7 countries issued statements relatively quickly after hearing about the charges and were of the same mind as the US. Outraged.

However...It took Canada 24 hours to come up with a position so cautious it might have been chiselled by diamond cutters.

Chrystia Freeland and Mélanie Joly, both stuck to their talking points: namely that Canada respects the independence of the ICC; that it believes the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Gaza is unacceptable; and that it is “entirely inappropriate” to equate the leadership of a terrorist organization with the elected leader of a democracy.

In other words they said nothing, did not take a stand and remained as they have since the October 7th massacre - neutral.

Here's some free advice: Sitting on the fence only hurts your behind. It accomplishes nothing else and people lose all respect for those who are either afraid or unwilling to take a stand.

Under Justin and Melanie Joly, Canada has lost almost all its credibility and respect from the other G7 countries and frankly any country not communist.

We really have no words for quebec's separatist party nor for its leader pierre st pierre plamondon. The man is jaw-droppingly delusional.

He clearly is also a very insulated individual if all he can think about in these days is quebec independence. We're guessing he lives well, doesn't have to worry about food or the price of gas or putting a roof over his head or what's going on in the world today.

How did we figure this out? Well, he obviously had a lot of time on his hands as he produced not one but two versions extolling the virtues of and independent quebec. Now that is very special.

In his video performance, he says, with a straight face, that if quebec leaves Canada, it will have $82 billion at its disposal if it no longer sent money to Ottawa.

If anyone believes a word of that, we have an ice fishing house to sell them in the Gaspe.

We'll talk...

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thank you joannie again and again for the most informative commentary on what is going on,


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