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So who didn’t watch ‘the’ interview? We refer to Harry, Meghan and Oprah. It was truly riveting. One of the titles given by ITV, the oldest commercial network in the UK  says it all: Harry and Meghan loaded up a plane and dropped bomb after heavy bomb on Buckingham Palace in their Oprah interview. 

It should be noted that this is the third such interview of a woman who married into the family coming forward with shocking stories that rattled the firm. The first was Diana and the second Fergie (who was married to Andrew).

This time was different than the other two because the woman in question had her husband from the royal family beside her, whereas the other two were totally alone.

We feel badly for the Queen as we’re pretty sure she’s not the one behind many of the allegations made.  She’s 95-years-old and has served her country stoically for 70 years. If we had to guess which royal spoke to Harry about the possibility of a black child in the royal family, we guess Charles. It is not a secret that the royals prefer white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant relatives. Even Philip, the Queen’s husband, had a hard time at the beginning as his mother was a Greek nun.

This is part of the continuing story of a dysfunctional family. Clearly ‘outsiders’ who marry in are the ones who cannot cow-tow to the abnormal vow of silence those born into that family have had ingrained in them since birth.  Therefore, outsiders who clearly are not all welcomed with open arms,  are forced to resort to these kinds of interviews.

It’s interesting to note how protected Andrew has been despite the very real evidence that he was involved with Jeffrey Epstein and underage girls. After all Blanche, he’s part of the firm and it’s clear that they circle the wagons for their own.

The bottom line is that the Royal family will survive this latest flap because they  have the Queen at the helm and, as everyone saw during the interview, even Harry still has a deep respect for her.

After she’s gone and Charles takes over, things are going to be very different. He’s not well liked and does not have the intelligence nor does he garner the same respect as his mother. Plus he’s married to someone who no doubt will push her weight around, unlike Philip who, although he was not always happy, kept quiet.

Here’s something to mull over. You can’t buy some Dr. Seuss books because they are ‘offensive’, but Mein Kampf written by Hitler, may his name be obliterated is very available online. We checked Ebay and found multiple copies for different prices. Something’s very wrong with this picture.

China led the way in giving the virus to the rest of the world, then trying the lockdown that actually worked and now, they have issued the first Covid vaccine passport.

We won’t deal with the lockdown as it is a loaded subject. We will say that a year later, we can all thank China for lying to the rest of the world and being responsible for the pandemic.

As for the Covid vaccine passport, we agree and would go one step further. Anti-vaxxers should not be allowed anywhere there are crowds. No one is forcing anyone to be vaccinated against Covid, polio, measles, mumps, rubella or any diseases that were eradicated. But if you choose that path, then know you are not welcome in restaurants, cruises, concerts, museums, conventions – anywhere that crowds gather.

Our suggestion is that anti-vaxxers start looking around to rent space for their own restaurants and bars.

Uh oh. The Biden’s two rescue German shepherds were returned to the Biden family home in Delaware last week after aggressive behavior at the White House.

Major, who was adopted from an animal shelter bit someone last week. As well, he has been known to display agitated behavior on multiple occasions, including jumping, barking, and “charging” at staff and security. As most people know, German shepherds are not small yappers. They are big and scary animals. Seems they may have to have permanent babysitters in Delaware.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s life just keeps getting more complicated. Today two new allegations: The first is the 6th woman to come forward saying that Cuomo couldn’t keep his hands to himself. The second is a new scandal about what he did during the first weeks of the pandemic.

Everyone knows he sent elderly people with covid into senior homes, infecting tens of thousands of vulnerable, helpless people. It has now come to light that he gave an order directing homes for people with developmental disabilities to accept COVID-positive patients. 552 residents of homes for people with developmental disabilities died from COVID-19 and out of nearly 34,600 people that live in such facilities, 6,900 contracted the disease.

He steadfastly refuses to resign. We are wondering how many more women have to come forward regarding sexual harassment? We will remind you that when the #metoo movement started, before you could say bob’s your uncle, men who were accused of sexual harassment were gonzo.  Case in point is Al Franken who resigned after accusations of groping and improper advances from at least six women.

Cuomo has six sexual harassment allegations against him so far and coupled with the covid-19 scandals he should have not only left his office, but be facing serious charges of being responsible for many, many deaths.  Why is the press giving him a pass?

Buckingham Palace has responded to Harry and Meghan. Here ya go: The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan. The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately.

The Queen has ended the discussion. Take it or leave it.

While Papa Legault might be babysitting us during the pandemic by keeping us safe at home, he has let the dogs out. Simon Joli Barrette, his  Minister of Justice refuses to systematically require fluency in English when hiring judges in Greater Montreal. 

Can someone explain two things: The first is where are the voices of the opposition? The right to be heard in English  is part of the constitution of Canada. Last we heard, Quebec is still part of Canada. So where is the Liberal leader of Quebec Dominique Anglade? Why is she not responding to this?

Where is the opposition Conservative party in Ottawa to stand up for the Anglos of Quebec? And where is Justin Trudeau to say that the right to be heard in English is part of the constitution?

Clearly this is a hot potato which no one wants to touch because…it will cost votes.

If Justin doesn’t call an election in the next month, we’ll eat our kasha and bowties. Not only does it look like the vaccinations will become a reality which will make him a hero, but now it appears that more voters trust him to manage Canada’s finances after the pandemic than any other party or leader.

In the latest poll taken, 33 per cent say he is best suited to manage our money. The result gives the prime minister a strong edge over his main rival, Erin O’Toole, whose Conservatives were chosen by 24 per cent of respondents.

In the prairies, O’Toole polls at 35%. But where the heavy votes are – in Ontario and Quebec he is polling at 24-28%, not nearly enough to beat Justin. Yes the media is beating him up and no doubt making matters worse. Somebody needs to help this man.

We’ll talk…

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