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Last week we told you that Stephen Harper had surfaced after a self-imposed silence of a few years. One of the items Harper discussed during his interview was, as he put it, the ‘overkill’ of giving out money during the pandemic.

He said that the spending of the last year has been ‘wild, largely unaccounted for, rarely debated in parliament and done without pattern or rationale except to buy time or votes’.

There you have it in a nutshell. The last line in Murphy’s column said it all: No taking a knee here (referring to Harper’s leadership). We need more leaders, past and present, to speak clearly with the force of full conviction on the things that count.

Pathetically, we have no such leaders today. Who in this country or any country for that matter, will dare to take on the ‘woke’ culture? We’ll answer that for you. No one. Leaders today are like parents who are afraid to parent because maybe their children won’t love them. What? Children need parenting just as self-righteous people need to be put in their place. You cannot erase or re-write history. One can learn from mistakes. But we digress.

We, our children and grandchildren will be paying for Justin’s open-ended piggy bank,  now extended until the end of October. People are being paid to stay home. Where is the leadership in that? Where is the prime minister to say enough – time to get back to work. This is 100% pure buying votes.

Justin is insulated from the real world. We know of someone who had to cancel one of the shifts in his factory because he cannot get workers to come back. And why should they? They are rewarded for staying home.

As for the opposition parties in this country – dysfunctional would be the operative word. From the leaders to those they choose as candidates to run in the ridings all over the country. We are not citing examples here as when we did that a few weeks ago, some noses got out of joint because guess what? We hit a raw nerve. So be it. The emperor has no clothes and pretending he does not make him dressed.

Governor Andrew Cuomo must feel like a rat in a cage. He faces no less than seven county, state and federal investigations related to alleged sexual harassment, alleged misuse of state resources to produce and promote a 2020 book, and purported cover-ups in COVID nursing home death data. Of all the things he did, the nursing home deaths are by far the worst. How this man can live with himself is beyond the pale. It’s one thing to lie to the media. It’s another to lie to yourself.

He ordered people infected with covid back into nursing homes, exposing and then killing literally sitting ducks. Cuomo refused to divulge the true numbers which showed that at least 12,743 long-term care residents died of the virus, far greater than the official tally of 8,505. The number is most likely much higher than that.

Then to show that he is not touching women when they don’t want him to, he shows pictures of himself hugging his mother. Seriously? What does that have to do with the price of eggs in Peru? Nothing.

We can tell you one thing with certainty: No woman ever wants to be touched without her consent. Ever. What gives him the right to do so?

We hope that he is not only impeached but tried for killing all those seniors.

So it’s official. There will be a vaccination passport for Quebec and most likely many other places save for Alberta, which is a very interesting case study as they have nixed everything there including screening for covid.

Like all the other edicts issued over the past 18 months, this one will come and go. But until it goes, it will be one of the more invasive edicts.

Our guess is the passport will be for movies, concerts, perhaps restaurants. The big question is whether it will affect houses of worship. If so, it will present a nightmare scenario as people attending synagogues or churches are not random to each place. We wouldn’t want to be the person asking this question and/or turning away their own people.

Beginning tomorrow morning, Canadian border agents are going on strike, right when the US border is opening for Americans coming into Canada. Perfect timing, eh Blanche? Where exactly is Justin? Busy running around the country promising billions of dollars to premiers in return for votes in the next election. Border agent strike? Doesn’t affect him one bit until the media starts writing about it and his poll numbers drop. Then, like magic, he will get involved. Again, no skin in the game. He won’t be sitting at the border for hours.

And one more thing. If premiers think they are actually getting the monies promised to them they need to check out swampland in Florida. If elected again, after, oh about six months, he will send out Freeland to say we didn’t realize how bad things were and guess what? We have to walk back our promises. Ever heard that story before?

Meghan Markel, married to Prince Harry turned 40. Just saying.

Something to chew on. The Bernie-Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wing of the Democratic Party has now lost a Louisiana special election for a House seat, the Virginia gubernatorial primary, the New York City mayoral primary and this week’s special election in Ohio. In the two special elections, the Bernie-AOC candidates actually outspent the Biden-aligned candidates.

Ya think they are barking up the wrong tree? Between her big mouth coupled with a stupefying ignorance of everything and his communist ideas, they have become the gruesome twosome for the democrats.

Here’s a mini scoop. A few nights ago there was a Kamala Harris crisis dinner to try to ‘right the vice president’s ship’. Already we are sniffing out a big problem. So who was at this dinner?

For starters, only women. But guess what? Nobody from her office was invited. That does not bode well at all, as there are strong rumors that her office is a toxic environment and as the person in charge of said office, as the saying goes, if it stinks it stinks from the head down.

The women discussed how they could leverage Harris’ record as a prosecutor, California attorney general and U.S. senator to blunt criticisms of her performance as vice president, including her answers to questions about the border crisis which were null and void.

This dinner was also trying to make sure that no sexist attitudes happen to Harris as they did to Hillary. Guess what? If someone does their job well and treats people like human beings, they won’t be painted like nasty bitches. If the shoe fits…

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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