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The Mother of All Conventions

Boring it’s not. Blanche, can you catch your breath from all the busyness at the Republican convention? If nothing else, it is very entertaining television. To consolidate what has happened here we go:

The Main Event: We waited to hear both Ivanka and Donald before sending out Blanche. Ivanka is poised, clear and intelligent. She did what she had to do when speaking about her father. If what she said is true, he’s really forward thinking when it comes to women’s issues.

The media got Trump’s speech beforehand. While some of his facts are correct, others can be disputed. What cannot be disputed is this line which made the crowd go wild: We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore. Obama’s middle name is politically correct. He doesn’t want to o.f.f.e.n.d. anyone. It is the tree-hugger democrats who are busy checking his facts.

We’d like to see people checking Hillary’s facts. She outright lies and the media protects her. In the end, numbers don’t lie. Trump did get 14 million votes during the primaries. And one more thing. Don’t listen to the polls. As everyone saw during the days leading up to Brexit, they missed the mark completely.

Judging by the people in that convention center, every yahoo in America is represented. Let’s see who shows up next week at the democratic convention. For sure they will all have granola bars and bottled water.

The End of the Melania Flap: Yesterday morning someone finally stepped up to the plate and ‘admitted’ being the one who wrote Melania’s speech and took the fall for the plagiarism. Her name is Meredith McIiver (not to be confused with that erstwhile detective McGiver) and her resignation was refused by Trump. Can we talk?

The person who wrote the speech was her step-son Donald with perhaps some help from Eric. It took two days to find someone willing to be the scapegoat. It’s ok though because every five minutes something else happened that overshadowed this mini-crisis.

The Ted Cruz Payback: It’s pretty obvious that lyin Ted is a sore loser and didn’t take well to Trump attacking both his wife and father. All he had to do was say four little words: Vote for Donald Trump. He couldn’t do it and took a huge chance on the rest of his political career.

He’s betting that Trump will lose big time in November and if that happens Cruz thinks he will come out as one of the only candidates who did not compromise his ideals. In case you were wondering, ‘vote your consciousness’ is code for preserving the ability not to vote for Trump. In other words if you were part of the anybody but Trump movement, vote for anybody but Trump.

On the other side, Trump knew what what coming as all the speeches are vetted and he let him go out there anyway. That’s because in the end, Trump clearly understands the value of an exciting TV show and while he didn’t know exactly what would transpire, he knew Cruz would up the ratings of the convention. That of course leads to a massive audience tonight salivating to see how Trump will a) speak b) react to Cruz and c) go off script.

You may not know his name but you sure know his network. Roger Ailes built Fox News from scratch. He ran the show (pardon the pun) for 20 years with an iron fist. Well, iron fist or not, he’s out due to allegations that he forced out a former anchor after she spurned his intimate advances. Within two weeks of the court filing, more than twenty women had contacted the firm with stories of alleged harassment by Ailes either against themselves or someone they knew. Two came forward publicly. Pretty sad ending to an unbelievable career. Then again, if these allegations are true he’s just another dirty old man. Feh.

Just because many people who happen to be in the media say something is right it doesn’t mean it’s right. Case in point is the $35,000 comedian Mike Ward has to pay to a young man by the name of Jeremy Gabriel with another $7,000 to his mother in moral and punitive damages. All day we have been hearing what a terrible travesty of justice that this comedian has to pay money for insulting this kid at a comedy show.

Jeremy has something called Treacher Collins syndrome, which is a congenital disorder characterized by craniofacial deformities. That’s a nice way of saying his face is deformed. Other handicaps can be hidden, but if it’s your face there’s no hiding anything unless you want to walk around with a paper bag on your head.

Said comedian, who does something called the Nasty Show at the comedy festival decided that Jeremy was fair game. After all, it’s the nasty show so one has to be as nasty as possible, right?

Here’s the problem: Even if there is no line, even if there are no barriers, even if anything goes there’s something called common decency. Wait, we can hear the liberal yelling – it’s a democracy. If you don’t want to hear nasty stuff don’t go to the show. And here’s our take:

As human beings have we lost any semblance of sensitivity, of human decency to someone, especially a child with a very visible illness? That’s the crux of the matter. Not everything is fair game and this was not. Ward deserves to pay through the nose for what he did. Unfortunately Blanche, it will most likely teach him nothing. The only way such people learn is when something happens to them or someone close to them. Then poof! they sing a different tune.

With the summer olympics days away, a terrorist attack was foiled today. The Brazilian government is out there saying the ten men they caught were amateurs and poorly organized. Could be. Could be not. With about 500,000 visitors expected to travel to Brazil for the Games, many of them from the United States, let’s say we would stay clear of crowds. Oh wait, the whole thing is one big crowd. Yikes.

If you live in North America Brexit is over. If you live in Great Britain it’s just getting revved up. Billions of pounds’ worth of public projects will have to be scrapped by Theresa May because of a “tidal wave” of pressures from an impending Brexit. Major projects such as the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, a third runway at Heathrow and the ambitious HS2 rail project would have to be reassessed as the government decides which can be done without. They are in some serious trouble there dudes.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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