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Somehow, Justin is managing to slither out of this China scandal as he has slithered out of all his other scandals. He knows how to play the stall game perfectly by now - ergo the term rapporteur. But along with the stall game comes the following: Justin may be putting off this latest scandal but everybody knows who he is - a narcissist - someone with a very, VERY high sense of his own importance.

Much of his time as prime minister has been spent dodging rumors, innuendos, scandals and otherwise disgraceful behavior - like the black face which he said he did once but turns out he did many times or the WE scandal or maybe the time he accepted money from the Aga Khan or getting rid of Jody Wilson Raybould because she stood up to him. We could go on and on.

He is always skirting the truth, thinking that Canadians are so dense that nobody gets what he's doing. Here's a headline: Everybody gets it. He is as transparent as glass of water and his legacy will reflect his entitled, self-serving behavior.

Justin assures his loyal plebs that he was never briefed on the issue of China interfering with our elections. His erstwhile security adviser dismissed it out of hand.

Aha. It turns out that not one but two high-level national security reports before and after the 2019 election suggest both Justin and his security advisor were warned that Chinese government officials were funnelling money to Canadian political candidates. There ya go. Follow the money. Who knew about it and when?

Seems there were two intelligence reports between 2019 and 2022. One now has to ask which senior federal officials knew about the alleged funding by a foreign interference network.

A “Special Report” prepared by the Privy Council Office for the Trudeau government and was date-stamped January 2022, suggesting it was intended to be read by Trudeau and his senior aides.

It is asserted that Chinese officials in Toronto had disbursed money into a covert network tasked to interfere in Canada’s 2019 election.

It appears that a large under-the-table transfer of funds earmarked for the federal election from the Chinese Consulate in Toronto was transferred to an elected provincial government official via a staff member of a 2019 federal candidate. Follow the money.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis says he'd run a boat to from the Bahamas to allow tennis star Novak Djokovic entry into Florida for the Miami Open after being denied due to his non- vaccine status.

"People get infected anyways. He poses zero risk to the United States, zero risk to the state of Florida, and zero risk to Miami." Bravo to DeSantis...

Marc Garneau is the consummate gentleman. Better than that however, he has kahoonas, something Anthony Housefather needs to look down and find.

Even after being demoted from a cabinet minister to a backbencher, he stayed the course, a true soldier and remained loyal to Justin.

But there comes a time when one must actually take a stand. Justin's Bill C-13 dealing with minority rights in quebec is, as Garneau said today, “a hill to die on.” There you have it. He said it without saying it.

And this is the part Anthony Housefather should take a good hard look at himself about: ..."if you don't subscribe to it, then you have to speak up about it.” We will go one step further, as Garneau did - and do something about it. At what point does talking stop and action take place?

In case you don't remember the problem with Bill C-13 here ya go:

The preamble to the bill references Quebec's Bill 96 as a model for the protection and promotion of the French language. That is what Justin is using to push through Bill C13 and Garneau cannot stomach it.

Garneau is making the other few liberals who also disagree with Justin on this but can't find it within themselves to give up their cushy Ottawa positions to actually take a stand look like the weasels they are. Feh.

Not that anyone cares, but it appears Tom Brady is seriously thinking of coming out of 'retirement' a second time. It appears he is in talks with the Miami Dolphins.

Can we talk? He's 46 years old and, as everyone saw this past football season, ain't what he used to be. He can't find anything else to do? He's bored? He needs more money? All of the above plus an ego so big that he needs a football field to fill it.

Heads up grandparents, bubbies and zaidy's. This author got one of those 'grandparent' scam calls yesterday.

The call came in as 'private caller', the first alert. As someone who speaks regularly to her grandchildren, we know what their voice sounds like and this young person sounded nothing like our granddaughter.

The caller identified herself using our granddaughter's full, but not married name which in and of itself is strange. What grandchild calls and uses both names? "I went to a clinic and I'm sick."

We just kept saying this doesn't sound like our granddaughter, all the while playing the game knowing what was going on. Not everyone is so savvy.

Imagine if your grandchild calls and says he or she is sick, can't reach their parents (impossible in this day and age) and they need, oh, say $5,000 right away for medicine. You can see how someone gullible gets caught up in this.

If you think your grandchild needs money, first ask for a number to call back whoever you are talking to. Then hang up and call your grandchild on their cell phone. If you can't reach them, call their parents, or one of their siblings. Do not, under any circumstances, give your credit card over the phone.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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