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The Plot Thickens…

We have tried to make sense of l’affaire/scandal going on in the Ottawa. Frankly, it is almost impossible to gauge the extent of it as things don’t really make sense.

Gerald Butts was Justin Trudeau’s alter ego and has been for decades. It was Butts who got Trudeau elected Prime Minister. So why did Butts resign? In searching for the answer, we came upon our favourite writer, Rex Murphy who may have stumbled upon part of the reason. At least his hypothesis makes some sense:

He (Butts) must have chosen to resign because there was some element, more explosive, more turbulent, and more ominous for his friend and prime minister yet to come. In other words, the SNC-Lavalin-Judy Wilson Raybould fiasco is just the tip of the iceberg. One can also ask both Trudeau and Butts if there is nothing really wrong, why did both Butts and his assistant suddenly resign? The plot thickens and Trudeau continues to stir the brew.

Without Butts, Trudeau is going to be drowning in a sea of politics without his anchor. Hey, maybe Anthony Housefather can take over from Butts. No, we don’t think so Blanche. He blew his chance last week speaking to the media when he was unable to give an interview without talking points in front of him. Next.

Yesterday, seven British lawmakers quit the country’s Labour Party because their leader is an outright anti-Semite. Kudos to them.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been a long-time critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights. He’s also been accused of anti-Semitism for things ranging from befriending leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah to supporting the artist behind an anti-Semitic mural.

Last year – amid allegations of anti-Semitism against him and the party – he acknowledged there was a problem, and said he’s working to address it. Earlier this month, one Jewish MP was almost edged out. Yesterday, she was one of the seven lawmakers who quit Labour, calling it “institutionally anti-Semitic.” It’s about time Corbyn was outed for exactly who he is.

One thing is for sure. Retirement is not in Bernie Sanders vocabulary. He’s decided to run for President which means if he wins he will be 79 at the inauguration in January 2021. Blanche, maybe there’s something in that Vermont air that we need to find out about.

The big question is can Zaidy Bernie lasso the socialists like Cortez and Omar. Is he socialist enough for them? Or is he socialist light? Time will tell. One thing we can say, Bernie’s still very popular. He raised over $1 million in less than 24 hours of announcing his running.

Many ISIS women, who were born in Canada but chose to run away and marry terrorists, are now seeing the error of their ways and want Canada to take them back. “We’re sorry. We made a mistake”. One woman has had two husbands killed in the fighting and now she’s a widow with young children and no country as there isn’t a country called ISIS and she can’t come back to Canada. She is living in a refugee camp.

Unfortunately, she may be living there for a very, very long time as Canada is in no hurry to bring her back. She woke up too late as did all the other women. They were warned over and over again not to go. They didn’t listen. This should be a lesson to any other brilliant women who think it’s either cool or exciting to run away to arab countries that treat women like chattel or worse.

Blanche, go get the boot grips. There’s another storm coming, complete with snow and freezing rain. Walking on many sidewalks is virtually impossible. No one uses salt anymore. Why, we don’t know. Small rocks are strewn along the icy sidewalks to do what exactly? Except bring little stones into everyone’s house, not much more.

The city cannot get a handle on the snow which turned into slush which turned to mounds of ice. Now those mounds will be again covered by snow. We were told that those cleaning bicycle paths are not being taken away from cleaning the sidewalks and streets. Spare us. We have seen one cyclist in two weeks while we have seen tens of people walking on streets because the sidewalks are simply too dangerous. Seems the accent is on the wrong syllable.

We’ll talk…

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