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Nu, his popeness is in Canada riding around in that popemobile. It seems he took a page out of Justin's apology tour manual. Can we talk?

What is the point of apologizing if nothing happens to those responsible? In case you didn't know, there are some priests very much alive today who were part of what happened to Canada's native people. They just get to walk away? Children were murdered. This is a crime in most places except it appears, the catholic church.

It was also the catholic church who sent non-Jews into a frenzy every Sunday at mass, very much helping fuel virulent anti-Semitism resulting in horrific progroms in Russia which helped lead to the Holocaust.

His popeness is apologizing? Tell it to the marines. Sorry doesn't do it here. Find those who did these things and prosecute them. And the church? The biggest criminal organization in the world.

In the good morning America department, the Canadian government finally figured out that if they opened service centers dedicated only to pick up passports, it would alleviate the pressure on regular offices.

It took the government almost a year to figure this one out. Can you imagine how much money they spent on meetings, conferences, committees, food for said events etc. etc. The genius who gives you your new passport needs to be able to do two things: Read whatever ID you show and match it to your passport. Even bureaucrats with the brain of a gnat could do that.

And in case you think we are exaggerating on the last line, here ya go, directly from Employment and Social Development Minister Karina Gould: "Opening these new pick-up locations will also help reduce line-ups at other offices in bigger cities." It takes a minister to think this is a smart line. Your tax dollars at work.

What's with Justin still running around the country? He doesn't have a stop button?

He may as well just put a paper bag on his head hoping that nobody who needs anything from any government services finds him. Plus it will hide that idiotic haircut he got.

Here's something to be 'proud' of: The 2SLGBTQIA+ (why do they keep adding letters, numbers and symbols?) community is holding its annual week-long pride festival in Montreal. To add to our joy, we can all sleep easy at night because the parade to celebrate the progress of LGBTQ+ rights will take place with only hybrid, electric or biofuel vehicles allowed.

Phew. At least they won't cause more carbon emissions. And, to add to our joy they don't have any cows letting off tons of gas (aka farts) so they really won't be polluting the world. Of course we will never ever understand why their parade features people basically naked or dressing like freaks. Diminishes whatever they are trying to prove.

Nowhere in the world except la belle province of Quebec do they post the number of people hospitalized with covid daily in newspapers. Can we really talk here?

How stupid are these people? It is a known fact that hospital beds and wards are shut down for the summer. Everybody and their uncle knows that not having enough staff in any hospital in the province is known world-wide. Why then would they keep posting how many people are hospitalized? To draw more attention to how backward we are? Or how about trying to scare us into wearing masks?

We are fully vaccinated as are about 99% of those getting the virus. So you tell us - is the number in the hospital - 2,148 - all covid cases only or people who entered the hospital for something else and got covid? If it is all covid cases then the vaccine doesn't work. And if that's the case, why give it to babies and children?

And here's the kicker: Tell us how many beds are left after those posted for covid. How dumb are these people? In emperor legault's poutine province, very, very dumb.

You know the stock market and the economy are in trouble when Walmart cut its full-year profit forecast late on Monday.

With prices for gasoline and food spiking, consumers are no longer clamouring for apparel, home goods, appliances and kitchenware, saddling retailers with mountains of inventory.

Inventories at general merchandise stores at the end of April were the highest since at least 2000

People can't get to Walmart to shop because they can't afford the gas for their car. That's bad news. Walmart's warning, signalled a "proverbial train wreck" for retailers including Target and Amazon. Yikes.

We'll talk...


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