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The Problem is that Obesity runs in your Family. No Dear, the problem is that no one in your family

Last night was yet another Republican debate. People were complaining about how long our election campaign was? The US election campaign goes on for two years, never mind eleven weeks.

It seems that not everyone was happy with CNBC’s moderators. They could not seem to be able to control the ten candidates. Really? It’s hard enough to get a word in edge-wise when ten people are together in a restaurant, never mind a presidential debate.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz came out on top of this one. Trump was pretty quiet as was Ben Carson who always looks like he’s sleeping. By the time this election rolls around next November we wonder if people will even come out and vote. Who can listen to this drivel for so long?

Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon…In case you didn’t hear, yesterday a blimp belonging to the US government escaped from its tethers. Roughly $2.7 billion American tax dollars aimlessly floated from Aberdeen, Maryland, to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, where it gradually sank and collapsed into the Earth after destroying enough power lines to leave roughly 20,000 people without electricity.

The robot blimp was designed to detect and thwart imaginary attacks against the American homeland, with the key word of course being imaginary. Oh yes, the length of its tethers was one and a half miles long. Don’t you wish you could get your hands on OPM – other people’s money? Since 1980 China had a one child policy. Well that policy backfired in a big way. In China boys are much more desirable than girls. People would find out the gender of their baby and if they weren’t happy abort. You can guess that twice as many girls were aborted than boys.

Fast forward to today. China now finds themselves in a crisis. There are 50% more men than women of marriageable age in this generation. Quel surprise. To try to stem the tide of millions and millions of very unhappy unmarried men, the government suggested that one man marry two women. Like that one? It’s called polygamy.

Today they came out with a new edict. Lo and behold, families are now allowed to have two children. Too little too late.

Remember the last Blanche report where we said that the red meat business was basically a crock. Well, here’s another crock.

For years people have been told to stay away from whole milk, butter and ‘high fat’ yogurt. We were told it caused high blood pressure, high cholesterol and basically would make one fat.

Zut alors a study was done with 15,000 civil servants in Brazil and guess what they found? That low fat anything does not decrease your risk of getting fat, having high blood pressure or high cholesterol. They even went so far as to criticize the American Medical association – imagine? They said a diet of low fat or fat free anything does not keep people slim. Again we were duped by seemingly intelligent people. And again we say, everything in moderation Blanche.

It seems that Laureen Harper wife of our ex Prime Minister Stephen is an animal lover. Nothing wrong with that dearie. Unless of course you build a special bat out-house for ‘rescue’ bats. You read that right. She was saving bats. Now that she’s leaving they had to let the bats go. Does this not sound batty? It’s a good thing she’s moving back to Calgary. She can commune with the cows, sheep, horses, dogs, cats and bats. We are guessing she’s not a people person. Hehehehehe.

And speaking of 24 Sussex, home of our Prime Minister, people have their shorts in a tight knot over the fact that it is going to be renovated. Hello? Get a life dudes. The place is grossly rundown and in need of fixing from top to bottom. If anyone thinks the money saved on never fixing it over the past 30 or 40 years went somewhere important, they are delusional. That money was squandered like most of the other monies collected from our taxes. At least now we’ll be able to see something for our money.

Tom Mulcair, leader of the very losing NDP party finally came out of hiding and issued a statement to his fellow NDP’ers: Go home and reflect on why they lost 50% of their seats in the last election. Then come back in January and we’ll talk about it.

If that’s their leader and that’s what he’s telling them to do, they have a much bigger problem than reflecting. They need to find a new leader and fast. He sounds like he needs a crystal ball or have his palms read by a psychic.

They lost because he’s a lousy leader who pretended he was a Liberal when he’s really a left of left tree-hugging NDP person. Small L liberals like trees. NDP people take them home and talk to them. He needs to go but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone waiting in the wings to take over. Hey, maybe they should call Gilles Duceppe. He’s bored these days.

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