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The instant Queen Elizabeth died, Charles became king. No formal ceremony. No formal swearing in. Just like that, he became King Charles III .

We are monarchists and have followed the Queen for years. She was the consummate professional, always regal, taking her duties seriously and selflessly.

She was thrust into this job at the young age of 25 years old when her father died, after his brother King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry a divorcee by the name of Wallis Simpson. How times have changed.

This past summer she celebrated her 70th year as Queen, a milestone that may never be seen again. Her mother, the Queen Mum lived until 101 and people thought the Queen would follow suit.

Who knows what will happen to the monarchy now? She kept all the pieces of the puzzle together. Will Charles be able to do this? Time will tell.

One small anecdote about this: We are in Israel and were eating in a restaurant when we heard the news. We told our young Israeli waitress - probably in her early 20's that the Queen had died. She was very, very saddened by the news. Imagine that?

As someone pointed out, we will not sing G-d save the Queen for at least three generations as all the next in line are males. Britain now has to do two things at the same time: mourn the Queen and welcome the new King.

Long live the King.

Blanche, be very very happy you don't live in China. Very happy. A deadly earthquake induced landslides and killed 65 people this week in China’s Sichuan province—but it still couldn’t shake Beijing’s rigid zero-COVID policy, which made it impossible for locked-down residents of the city of Chengdu to flee their buildings. Can you imagine? An earthquake, the building is crumbling and you can't get out? Why?

Because an estimated 65 million people across 33 different cities are under partial or complete lockdown as Beijing attempts - yet again - to quash COVID-19 by quarantining, surveilling, and mass testing the public. Two days ago China documented nearly 1,500 new cases in 103 cities, many of which were asymptomatic.

They are so insane there that in August people were shopping in an Ikea store and officials announced they would lock down the store over covid-19 exposures. The people inside the store raced to escape being trapped in there for who knows how long. There is nothing normal nor medical about this. The Chinese are trying to save-face yet again.

And then we have Justin. Ah Justin. Our self-absorbed, entitled, do-you-know-who-I-am prime minister.

Justin flew his entire cabinet to Vancouver for a 'think-tank' summit on how to deal with inflation and other problems in Canada. One minute - there was no place near Ottawa they could have gone?

No doubt they will be staying in five-star accommodations and got there via private jet to do what? To talk about making life more affordable for Canadians? Is this not the height of entitlement? This from Justin who is charging you 11 cents per gallon carbon tax when his carbon footprint is the biggest in Canada.

Melanie Joly, our foreign minister said, and we quote: "we’re working to protect Canadian values and interests." How? By living in a five-star hotel for a week? What exactly does she know about protecting Canadian values?

Wait a minute. Justin still has a hybrid parliament going. That means you can attend or be on zoom. So it's ok to fly together, meet together in rooms in Vancouver but it's not ok to be in parliament together? Does that mean there's no covid in Vancouver? No dear. It means that Justin has zero issue with spending your money and any and all covid 'restrictions' are a farce and apply only to the little peeps.

Hillary and her daughter Chelsea appeared together on The Tonight Show. They had to play a 'game' where one was asked a question and the other had to know the answer. Nothing Hillary does is without political reasons. Nothing.

Fallon wanted to know how well they knew each other so the question was asked to Hillary what was their craziest family vacation memory. We won't bore you with what the rest of the world would respond. We'll just give you Hillary's response: By accident she left her daughter at the Kremlin on a visit there when her beloved Bill was president.

Seems they were whisked away in the official car without the kid. Here's a headline: The secret service was guarding that kid like a fly to you-know-what. We don't believe for a second that her daughter was left behind.

However, if you want to appear like you are not like everyone else - that is for sure the answer you would give. Feh.

And once we're on the subject of women who are full of themselves, AOC - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez runs a very close second to Hillary. She is 100% out for herself, using politics as a stepping stone to no doubt create a small fortune for herself.

She was recently on the cover of GQ magazine, looking every bit the movie star she wants to be. The quote under her picture: She predicts she won’t be president-because Americans hate women.

In the body of the article about her, she says that anybody can grow up to be president in America, but now feels that many people in this country hate women and women of color so it won’t happen.

Here are a few headlines for AOC the first being go find a mirror - you are not a person of color. You are pretty white. Secondly, people don't hate women. They dislike entitled, silly women who shoot their mouths off without know what they are talking about. And that goes for men and women. She is extra special.

Lest you think for half a second that Legault is not a racist, think again peeps. He's a white, christian man who no doubt had very little if any interaction when growing up with anyone that didn't look or talk like him. He has no frame of reference to anyone but white, french canadian christians.

And that is why it makes perfect sense that he dislikes and probably fears immigrants of any color, who speak anything but french and who don't look like him or his cronies.

Case in point are his remarks recently linking immigrants, violence and extremists. Lest you think we are kidding....His party said yesterday it will not produce any campaign advertisements in English. All of this - all of it - is pure racism mixed with a massive dose of ignorance.

"I did not want to associate immigration with violence. I'm sorry if my words have been confusing. My desire is to unite." He can't be serious? His desire is to unite? Who? French Canadians living in the Beauce with French Canadians living in Sherbrooke.

We're stuck with the czar whose sole raison d'etre is to divide la belle province of quebec into pure-laine - french canadians born there and everybody else.

A grade one teacher in Ottawa told her class that there was no such thing as boys and girls. Did this women never see a picture of a man and woman? Or a boy and girl? Did no one ever talk to her about the birds and bees?

Wait - this idiocy gets worse: The Ottawa public-school board where this brainwave teaches said she did not violate the girl’s rights with its gender-themed instruction, saying there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material.

No. At six-years old she was not harmed by the material. Mercifully she's too young to know much except how she goes to the loo and how her brother does. Peeps - there is no shortage of very very confused people out there who sadly have infiltrated every aspect of society.

The good news? Kids learn most of what they know from their homes, or at least they should. We learned long ago that children will have upteen teachers but hopefully only one set of parents who will be the biggest influence on their children. Not one teacher who needs her head examined.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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