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So you just spent 13 hours on an Air Canada flight, the only airline in the world where you still have to wear a mask. On your way out of the airport you get 'chosen' for a random covid test. Or, even better (or worse) you are coming to Canada for a vacation, speak little English and no French and you also get 'chosen' for random testing. Now what?

One woman - a doctor no less - coming back to Montreal from Israel was one such lucky 'winner'. She asked that the test, which must be done within 24 hours, be mailed to her. Blanche, ask when she got the test in the mail? Six days later. So much for 24 hour random testing.

In today's paper, we read about 33 Israeli kids, all victims of terror attacks, who were randomly 'chosen' to take that idiotic test. This is after they were tested in Israel the day before they traveled. It wrecked their day because the organizers could not find a place to test all these kids at the same time.

Justin and his moronic band of what they call our government keep saying they are 'keeping us safe'. That is a crock of a massive pile of manure. They have not the faintest hint of a clue what they are doing when it comes to covid or, it appears anything else.

What is the result of imposing useless restrictions on the public? It diminishes everything else that is supposed to be done to try to stop the spread of covid. Everything becomes suspect including vaccines and masks. When your government issues edicts based on politics and not on medical science, well, you can't trust them on anything, now can you?

Justin is not only causing his 'little' people' unnecessary hardship, he is undermining those who are sincere about stopping this virus. It is way past time for him to go and when he does, he should take that moron Theresa Tam with him.

The Plains of Abraham in Quebec city can hold well over 100,000 people. That's why it was chosen as the site for his popeness to speak to his flock. Organizers thought everyone and their uncle would be listening with bated breath to what his popeness had to say.

Well, it appears not too many people were interested. In fact, instead of 100,000 people about it looks like maybe 1000 people showed up. A major embarrassment for Quebec and Justin.

We have two theories about this: His popeness neglected to mention that the church was the root of the problem of residential school horrors. He did make sure to single out the government of Canada at the time - and rightly so. And secondly, it appears the majority of those who call themselves catholic could care less about his popeness and the church in general.

As always, when it stinks, it stinks from the head down. No wonder nobody showed up.

This is one for the books. Los Angeles closed its new $600 million bridge four times in five days after people keep using it to make Tik Tok videos. Do so many people have no job?

One genius stopped in the middle of the bridge and gave someone a haircut in between two lanes of traffic. In another video, cars spin their tires on the pavement, leaving skid marks. Very intelligent.

Last Friday, police arrested several people on the bridge after they took it over, two of whom were reportedly pointing lasers at police officers. Clearly people have nothing to do with their lives.

Chris Cuomo, disgraced CNN anchor who was fired for journalistic ethical violations & accused of sexual harassment has surfaced on the Newsnation, whatever that is. As one person wrote, "I missed Chris Cuomo like I miss the shingles".

The woke culture is at it again. While this will not quite bring out the barf bag, it comes very close. An American scientist got the name of the Asian giant hornet, commonly referred to as a “murder hornet,” changed this week in an apparent attempt to be less offensive to China. Got that? Less offensive to a country that gave us covid and other delightful diseases.

So what's the new name? The northern giant hornet. There are no words for these people. One thing we can say with certainty - if their sensibilities are in any way upset, they may jump off the new Los Angeles bridge.

Here's the headline about the popeness visit on Al Jazeera which basically says it all:

Pope’s Canada visit ‘doesn’t heal’ wounds of Indigenous survivors: For many Indigenous survivors of abuse in Canada, the papal tour is a reminder of the ‘horrors’ committed against them.

Not sure if you know that the conservative party is holding yet another leadership debate next week. Here's a headline: If nobody showed up to hear his popeness, do those who run the conservative party think more than five people are going to watch this debate in the middle of the summer?

To add to their misery, the person who will most likely win, Pierre Poilivere will not be part of this. He's smart. It's going to be a bomb and he wants no part of it. Watching that debate is going to be like watching your grass grow. B.o.r.i.n.g.

Ever hear of Yuh-Line Niou? Didn't think so. She's yet another democratic woke culture, save-the-whales-turtles-ducks and trees genius. Add to her profile that she is an outright anti-Semite. Add to that she is running for the open seat in Congress in New York’s newly drawn District 10 and you get the perfect idiot.

When we say she doesn't know a thing about Israel or the Jewish people we are not exaggerating. Let's put it this way. She comes from Taiwan where Jews are non-existent. When was the last time she sat down and actually talked to a Jew? We'll tell you. Never.

We will never figure out why such people open their mouths when they know less than zero about whatever subject they are being asked about.

California is a democratic liberal state. Liberal like Justin wanting to 'keep you safe'. Like if they didn't do that, you would not have any idea how to keep yourself safe. But we digress.

It appears that Los Angeles county is about to re-impose the indoor mask mandate due to the rise in cases of the covid variant called BA.5. One county is refusing to impose this mandate again.

Can we talk? If you want to wear a mask wear one. If not, move on. This variant comes and goes like all the other ones. This variant is like the flu. If you get it, stay home. When you're better, go out. What's with the. mask mandate?

Oh wait. Without governments, people would never know how to stay 'safe'. This is nauseating, as is the mask mandate on air canada and the flight attendants who religiously impose it.

Here's a scenario: what are flight attendants going to do when the mask mandate is lifted? One day they are keeping you safe and the next day they are dooming you to covid? See how insane this is?

We heard a very good one-liner to describe people who have become fearful of doing anything. The ones who drive in their cars alone with a mask on. Here's the deal peeps: If you are afraid to live, you have already died.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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