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The second we heard that Quebec’s public health minister resigned, we smelled a rat.  Papa Legault cannot say he makes all the decisions and then fire Arruda for lack of confidence that he wasn’t doing his job well. Arruda’s hands were tied behind his back.

It is no coincidence that this round of curfew/school & restaurant closures are at the very least being partially ignored by the public here and for sure very heavily criticized…not only here in Quebec, but worldwide. How convenient it is now for Papa Legault to say that he needs to speak to the new health minister before deciding to keep all the current moronic edicts in place.

Papa Legault does nothing without a political reason. We will bet the store  that his numbers are dropping like a stone due to this round of  useless, foolish edicts and Arruda was a perfect scapegoat.

Sorry, you cannot blame the unvaccinated on the collapse of the entire medical system by putting a tax on them. Let’s get real here.

It’s long overdue to tax those who smoke because they know that smoking causes cancer and do so anyway. Then they take up way too much space in hospitals with all kinds of  cancer. Clearly taxing cigarettes makes no difference to them.

Tax those who are obese because when they get diabetes, they take up too much space in the hospital when they get sick with all the side issues. Don’t you think it’s time to tax drunk drivers  after decades of watching horrific accidents and having those drivers walk away or have a minimal prison sentence?

Our system is collapsing because the governments in this country never took our medical system seriously.  When any government tried to ‘balance their budget’ they always cut from the medical system and now they have to face the music. But instead of doing that, they are doing what they do best, deflect and blame other people. Scapegoats. Nauseating.

In the you-can’t-make-this-up-department the Quebec government is thinking about telling people not to get a booster if they have had 2 vaccines and covid.

Ah, but in the past couple of weeks they told people not to test for covid, just stay home for five days or until you feel better. So Goober, can you ‘splain how they will know who had covid, who is lying, who should have a booster, how they will know who had covid and/or needs a booster. In fact, there are no more pcr tests unless you pay for one. One of life’s great mysteries.

Alas, we got caught up in the big deflection. We almost think that the idiots on the Sunwing plane were hired by Justin or Papa Legault to deflect from the real issue which is the almost total collapse of our socialized medical system.

As one person so succinctly put it: Our hospital system has been strung together with spit and bailing wire for years, surviving mainly because of the dedication of the health care professionals within it as opposed to government and hospital bureaucrats. COVID just pushed it over the edge.

Those yahoos were a post-xmas gift  for all canadian politicans because for a few days we didn’t hear how there are almost no beds left in Canada/Quebec/Ontario for sick people. Never mind people with covid.

Now for the woke culture and how far it’s gone. We have a friend who is going to a zoom conference originating in New York. The pressing question is not a legal one. Rather it is how to address each person. In order to do that, participants had to indicate, from the list below, how they identify themselves. Ready? It’s a long list:

Agender, Cisgender, Cisgender male, Cisgender female, Female, Gender non-conforming, Gender variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, Male, Non-Binary, Pangender, Third Gender, Trans, Trans Femme, Trans Female, Trans Male, Trans Masc, Transgender and our favorite: Two Spirit.

We’ll help you out a bit: cisgender denotes or relates to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex. Pangender is a term for people who feel that they cannot be labeled as female or male in gender. Two-spirit refers to a person who identifies as having both a masculine and a feminine spirit.

Lest you think this is a joke, think again. It is very real and happening in liberal, save-the-whales-defund-the-police states and universities. Somebody spent a lot of time researching what could have taken a second: male or female.

Yale University was trending on Twitter Sunday. Why? Because two men decided that they were now women and won a swim competition, racing against women. Our question is where did they change into their bathing suits?

It’s time, high time to suck it up and admit that our socialized medical system is not working.  Who didn’t hear every year that the flu was overwhelming the emergency departments? Way before the word covid ever existed in your vocabulary.

It’s time for a two-tiered system – a public and get this – a private system.

It’s time to lose the woke/liberal/NDP culture and call a spade a spade. People with money, who can pay,  get treated no matter where they live – with an outright two-tiered system or like here, with an underground private system.

So instead of pretending that this is not happening, take the needle out of your arm and face facts: The Bernie Sanders/aka Robin Hoods are all from a pretend world. In the real world the wealthy people find a way to get treated while the poor people don’t.

To equalize this, take the stress off the public system by allowing the private system to grow.

We kind of liked Boris Johnson…he was out of the box. Seems he was so out of the box that he was one of those who gave the edicts but alas, was above them.

He and his government are being investigated for holding a ‘socially distant drinks party’ on the same day in May 2020 that he admonished Brits that they could only meet up with one person outside their household.

If this turns out to be true, it will not be the first time Johnson decided the rules didn’t apply to him. It could also be the last time as he might be forced to resign over this.

At long last, it appears the US has a judge who actually does his job. He was reviewing the case against Donald Trump and why it took him over 2 hours to stop the rioters that he encouraged to go to the capitol in the first place.

Trump must be apoplectic because the judge’s name is Amit Priyavadan Mehta – clearly not white and christian.

Here’s the logical question Mehta posed: “If Trump’s call to action at the rally was misinterpreted by the crowd, and they still became violent wouldn’t somebody who’s a reasonable person say that’s not what I meant?” Exactly.

And a final note about the Canadian medical system, which we are sure applies in the US and elsewhere. If you had a feeling politicians were not telling you the truth, you were correct.

We’re pretty sure that Ontario leaked this information before it came out via the media: that 46% of those hospitalized right now were admitted for other reasons, but tested positive for covid and were counted in the covid numbers.

How can we believe anything they tell us? We can’t, so take the curfew and all the other edicts and put them where the sun don’t shine.

We’ll talk…

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