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We have been lamenting about the conservative party in Canada for months, watching the slow train wreck which will no doubt result in a liberal majority for Justin Trudeau. This was brought to the fore as a result of  the inane speech O’Toole gave on the environment.

Blanche, if O’Toole were his own person, perhaps this next part would never have been said. Unfortunately, he has surrounded himself with people who have lost sight of the real world, if they ever had it in the first place. Whoever thought of this hair-brained idea gets our vote for the most-disconnected bureaucrat-of-the-year.

According to O’Toole, we are going to pay a $20 carbon levy (read tax) per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions every time we buy gas. Instead of giving us back the money in rebates the money will be diverted into personal low carbon savings accounts.

And then – the piece de resistance – you can only spend said money on ‘green things’ like…buying a transit pass or a bicycle, or saving up and putting the money towards a new efficient furnace, energy efficient windows or even an electric vehicle. Our question is do we have to submit our bills to the government? If I buy a sweater that isn’t green will they make me give it back?

Mr. O’Toole has surrounded himself with people who are insulated, isolated and create one ridiculous, completely undoable  idea after the next and then, O’Toole goes out and repeats them. We can’t decide who is the bigger genius here.

Here’s a headline for the old boys in the conservative party – locally, provincially and federally – people are a lot smarter than you think,  can smell manure when they see it and won’t be duped again to vote for yet another lackluster ‘leader’ nor his clumsy local candidates.  And that will be the main reason Trudeau will be with us for a very long time.

While we’re certainly not a lawyer, we wonder how someone can be found guilty of the same murder 3 different ways. It’s obvious Chauvin is never getting out of jail, no matter how many appeals he tries. Now let’s see if there is ‘happy’ rioting.

Waiting for the George Floyd verdict, we glanced at CNN. Clearly they have not learned any lessons from the Trump era. Their announcers are goading the public, basically saying that if the verdict is not guilty, all hell will and should break loose. They continue not to report the news but to try to make the news themselves. We wonder when there will be a congressional hearing on people who purport to report the news but in fact, try to alter public opinion.

In case you were wondering why Canada is having so much trouble getting Covid-19 on track – we’re still in 42nd place – while New York, Florida and Israel to name a few places are back to normal life, these few little ditties may answer some of your questions. You will wonder, as we did, if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing in this country.

…275,000 new COVID19 cases in India yesterday causing New Delhi to completely shut down as nationwide cases top 15 million…and Canada is still getting two completely full flights per day. Britain added India to COVID-19 travel red-list.

Breaking News: Justin was asked about this today and gave his usual reply: He talked in riddles. …Fully vaccinated in the U.S.: 25.4% of the population. Fully vaccinated in Canada: 2.4% of the population.

…Two upcoming AstraZeneca shipments with nearly 600,000 doses could be delayed until end of May

…As of yesterday, every American became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vladimir Putin made sure his main opponent was sent to prison about a month ago. Since that time, Alexei Navalny has been on a hunger strike. He was taken to the hospital  in grave condition.

EU foreign ministers are expected to ‘discuss’ the Navalny case and pledged to hold Moscow to account over the matter. What exactly does that mean? Hold Moscow to account? Navalny is reduced to a ‘matter’? And then what?

Does anyone think that Putin gives half a second of thought to what the EU will do to him if Navalny dies? No. He does care that there will be mass protests and marches in Russia. But even those will eventually dissipate and if Navalny dies, it  will be yet another in a long string of people who died because they dared to try to unseat Putin.

Blanche, do you remember Greta Thunberg? You know that Swedish child who thinks she’s going to save the world? Well, she’s back.

Little Greta is very unhappy about Americans getting all the vaccines while poorer countries are getting theirs slowly. So she is donating $120,000 U.S. dollars to the WHO Foundation’s COVAX program, which provides COVID vaccines to lower-income countries.

First of all, where does she get $120,000? Who exactly is throwing money at her?

She also pontificated that people like the young and healthy shouldn’t be vaccinated at all. Can we talk? Why is anyone giving her any media coverage at all? Now she’s not only saving the world but became a scientist? She reminds us of the Kielburger brothers who, if you recall, crashed and burned not that long ago. Nikki Haley was spotted in Miami meeting with Mayor Francis and Suarez at City Hall. The sitdown was arranged with the explicit goal of allowing Haley to gauge the 43-year-old Republican as a potential running mate in 2024. Just keeping you in the loop.

We’ll talk…

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