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At this point, we think that the USA has to determine what and what is not a top secret document. It appears that everyone and their uncle who was anywhere near the White House has these documents in their house or garage, or boat or snowmobile or wherever.

It makes the FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate look exactly like what it was - over-the-topridiculous.

Now it turns out that Vice President Pence had documents in his house. Our guess is if they searched Obama's house - which in a million years they won't - they would find top secret documents there.

Somebody in the top secret department better get their act together because at this point their searches are beginning to look like a three-stooges movie. And they better hope that George Santos doesn't have any top secret documents in his possession, which at this point could very well be.

If you think for less than half a second that Justin's bringing up the notwithstanding clause in an interview this past weekend was because he cares about the English community here please take the needle out of your arm. Everything, absolutely everything Justin does is for one purpose only. Serving Justin.

It clearly serves his purpose to bring this up now. Why is to be determined. Perhaps he's testing the waters for a spring election. Maybe he wants to flush out exactly how angry he can make czar legault so he's doing this for fun. Maybe he's bored and wants to have a fight with the czar.

It is beyond odd that punkt now he's worried about regulating the use of the notwithstanding clause. Now he's worried that this clause permits provincial and territorial governments to override certain provisions of the Constitution? Come on.

We ask that Poilivere please respond. Now is the time to call Justin out on his bs. All of a sudden - mit a mool - he cares about the constitutional rights of all Canadians? We're waiting.

George Santos has become the gift that keeps on giving to the Democrat party. We are surprised that Donald has not reached out to him yet for a dinner party. Somehow the two seem a good pair.

Santos said that his drag queen days happened only once. Turns out he was a very busy queen, partying on many Brazil beaches under the pseudonym Kitara Ravache. Plus his friends in Brazil knew him as Anthony (when he wasn't dressed like the queen), not George.

At this point one has to wonder if George-Anthony-Kitara even knows who he is.

This next Justin piece is beyond the pale. Justin must think we were all born yesterday. Either that or he was born yesterday.

NOW he's questioning the completely useless ArriveCan millions of wasted dollars?

NOW he's waking up that his then procurement minister Anita Anand, who by the way is now our erstwhile Minister of Defence, gave out gzillions of dollars to private companies to create this app? That she didn't even dream of using people in her government?

NOW he's saying the process was highly illogical and inefficient? And then he goes and appoints the very person who was the most illogical and inefficient to defence minister?

You simply cannot make this stuff up. And why is Justin bringing this up now? Everybody knows he spends our money with not even a hint of how hard people work for it. Our tax dollars are his personal money tree.

Oh wait. One more thing. Who stayed in that $6000 a night hotel suite in the Corinthia Hotel?

Blanche, did you know that M&M uses spokescandies? No? We didn't either. It seems that last year, in an effort to appeal to the bs woke culture, M&M made some changes to said spokescandies.

The Green female character M&M’s go-go boots were swapped out with cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her 'effortless confidence'. In reaction, a petition was started to “keep the green M&M sexy.”

Brown, the other female character, has also slipped into something a little more comfy — block heels, instead of her signature stiletto. And, in the final change, to represent all different shapes and sizes, the candy manufacturer changed the look of the actual candies to reflect the different shapes of people.

The point is to make M&M candies androgynous - neither male or female.

It got so bad that M&M now has a new spokesperson who will appear in a super bowl ad on February 12. Seriously, we didn't make this up.

Poor Prince Andrew. Can you imagine that he had to sell his $22 million Swiss Chalet to partially pay for the $12 million settlement to Virgina Guiffre.

We will jog your memory and remind you that she was part of the Jeffrey Epstein grossness which Andrew keeps saying he had nothing to do with. Of course he never said why Guiffre (who was 17 years old at the time) was in quite a few pictures with him at Epstein's homes. But hey, everybody is innocent until proven guilty. But we digress.

Andrew now wants to launch a legal bid to reclaim the estimated $12 million settlement. He's dreaming in technicolor and would be much better off keeping his mouth tightly shut.

But the real problem for Andrew and now his father King Charles III is that Guiffre is publishing her 'memoirs' about her time with Epstein. This may actually knock Harry's book Spare off the bestseller list as you can be very sure that Andrew will be front and center and we all know that sex sells much better than whiny princes. Seriously? Her memoirs?

In the get-a-life department, the New York City Council passed a bill that if signed by Mayor Eric Adams would ban restaurants and food delivery services from providing plastic knives, forks and extra containers, unless specifically requested by the customer.

Can we talk? Are people supposed to eat with their fingers? Or better still, lap up the food with their mouths from the plate on the table?

Here's the scenario: You're working and need to eat. You order lunch via uber but forget to order forks and knives. Your spaghetti arrives and punkt - you have nothing to eat it with. In the end, you use your pen.

Diners would have a grace period until July if 2024, and would then be subject to a $250 fine if found to "repeatedly" be in violation of offering forks and knives.

The council has been trying to save the planet for several years running, having banned Styrofoam containers, plastic straws and plastic bags since 2019.

We'll talk...

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On the topic of top secret documents being found everywhere, clearly there is a systemic problem. Pence, for all his faults, is a patriot and does in fact abide by the laws of the land. So for him to be roped into this suggests that the problem is not individual. That said, what differentiates Trump and how his documents were handled is that he blatantly tried to cover up the fact, obfuscate, deny and otherwise make what could have been an innocuous error of the system into him trying to cover up a crime (which is very much a trend in his career before and during his White House tenure).

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