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The ‘Very Tender’ Sensibilities of the Next Generation.

Clearly, Justin Trudeau learned nothing from his shellacking at the polls. In his very first press conference after the election, he had to say, again, that his cabinet will be gender equal. Doesn’t he think people already know that? 

Can we talk?  Equal amounts of men and women in his cabinet? That went down the sewer when he tossed Jody Wilson Raybould under the bus for the grave mistake of standing up to him. So much for gender ‘equality’.

How about this novel idea: choose the best people for the positions available. Wow, what a revelation. If his cabinet has five more men than women, but all those men are the best people for those positions, so be it.

No, says Justin. I want equal men and women in my cabinet – that’s way more important than getting the job done to the best of someone’s ability.

Nothing changed in his life. The selfie’s returned the day after the election and now his obsession with women has also restarted. Oh wait. It never stopped. Goes to show ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

It appears that many people are very unhappy with the roster of who could be the democratic presidential nominee. With AOC now endorsing Sanders, he’s gone off the left side of the deep end of the pool. Pete Buttigieg is at zero with the black vote. Elizabeth Warren won’t say how she’s planning to pay for free everything for everyone so no one trusts her and Joe Biden has been a massive disappointment.  That, combined with every time he has a press conference or goes off script, he sends his handlers running for their valium.

So guess what name is floating around again. Come on, guess. Hillary Clinton. She’s running around promoting her daughter’s new book while at the same time gauging the temperature of the nation. Can we talk?

While we would love her to run again as that would give Blanche two full years of writing material, if anyone lets her near a nomination they basically are giving Trump the presidency.

In case you thought you heard everything regarding the very tender sensibilities of college students, think again. You ain’t heard nothin yet.

Oxford University’s student union has instituted an unofficial ban on clapping during student functions over fears the loud noise may trigger anxiety and the rapid hand movements and noise could alienate students who are unable or unwilling to clap.

The best line of this is that they want a more ‘inclusive environment’. Blanche, ya just can’t make this up.

Clapping could alienate students or trigger an anxiety attack. We are guessing that would alienate them.

Once those little babies graduate from university they will actually have to get to a from work. If they drive, they will, perish the thought, have to deal with loud honking horns. If they take the subway (of course using gloves to hold onto the bars for fear of germs), the noises in the subway would render them into a fatal position on the floor. Now that’s disgusting.

Then again those little-uns will probably bike to work. That’s a whole other kettle of fish. They will most likely have to remove the bells on their bikes that alert people that they are coming up behind you. Never mind that they hit you. Who cares about that? They don’t want to have their tender little sensibilities shocked.

This is the next generation that is going to run the world? Houston, we have a problem.

Can we talk about something, shall we say, delicate? Why isn’t Greta Thunberg in school? And why are all the adults treating her like she’s an adult? She’s a 16 year old teenager, with almost no life experience.

Her latest escapade proudly portrayed all over social media, is that she braved a blizzard on a snow-covered glacier in Jasper National Park to learn from the scientists who study the ice.

She learned from scientists? What is she going to do with what she learned? Cry again that everyone took away her childhood? Are there no adults left in the room? From the looks of it, none where the tree-huggers live.

Again we say, someone is orchestrating all of these events. Don’t you wonder who that someone is?

The Democrats have a lot more on their plate than they are letting on. This week, Ilhan Omar said it would be ‘tragic’ if Biden or Buttigieg were the presidential nominees. Tragic?

Who does this beauty support? None other than Zaidy Bernie.

Here’s a headline for Omar: Zaidy Bernie is 77 years old with a heart condition. There is no way on earth that he will ever get that nomination as people don’t believe he’ll be around in January 2021 to take the oath of office if he wins.

If these little ditties keep surfacing, Hillary is going to look better and better to many democrats.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk..

T.I.N.G. In a first-world problem, we got a call from Hydro Quebec last week that they were going to shut down our power today for 5 hours, from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. Why? Repairs, whatever that means. 

We got the car out of the garage, got up extra early, did some cooking to get ahead of the game, took out the heavy-duty flashlight and waited. At 7:45 our friend called and said she got an alert that the power was not being cut.

While we were very happy about that, how about sending another robo call to tell the peeps what’s flying. Blanche, now why would they do that? It’s efficient.

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