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So you are not vaccinated but your pharmacy is in Walmart. Plus you live on a fixed income and shop there for your groceries because it’s the cheapest place. You wear a mask in the store and wait for it – don’t spit in other people’s faces.

The above cage is where you will wait until the walmart police find time to escort you to get your prescription and/or buy your milk, tomatoes and potatoes.

Can someone please tell us which government survey or where there is data showing how many people, fully masked, shopping in Walmart, got others sick?

We went to a ‘big box store’ on Monday. We were required to show our vaccination passport and identification. Can we talk? Really talk?

First of all the store was empty. Second of all, people are fully masked all the time. So how exactly are people spreading any virus in those stores? Here’s your answer: They are not.

And so, after that visit we made an executive decision: Jeff Bezos of the Amazon fortune, is now going to be the recipient of all of our money. We will not step foot in a store that requires the useless and offensive act of showing a vaccine passport. We’re pretty sure our little protest is not going to make a dent in how the government thinks, but we have to do something.

Stores are not the problem. The government is the problem and they are 100% unaccountable for their actions while killing the economy and then walking away with their full salary.

What exactly is the big brouhaha over the Ukraine Russia potential conflict? Before we explain the issues, let’s get one thing straight:  Both countries are anti-semitic. Pogroms and other horrific catastrophes  were inflicted on the Jewish people over the centuries in both countries. So do we care what happens to either country? Nope.

But there’s more to this conflict, as per the insane stock market fluctuation,  than the fact that both countries are anti-semites:

Who cares if Russia invades Ukraine: For starters, the EU. If Russia invades and sanctions are imposed on them, then poof! just like that the EU, who relies on Russia for 40% of its gas will suddenly get very, very cold when Putin shuts off the gas.

Why? You’ll love this one: Europe was so caught up with being ‘green’ a la Greta Grunberg save-the-planet-trees and turtles, they stopped looking for gas and oil and became dependent on Russia to heat their homes. Geniuses. Maybe little Greta can send them a few solar panels.

If Russia invades the Ukraine, sanctions will be imposed on Russia. People there will most likely lose their internet, phone service, they won’t be able to buy  iPhones, computers or anything of that ilk because nothing will be shipped to them. Putin’s people will not be happy.

The US? Biden is a weak weasel and Putin could care less about him. Ah, but there’s a huge Ukrainian voting block in the US that needs to be appeased. The US looked like idiots in Afghanistan and they want to look strong again all the while supporting NATO.

And what is Putin afraid of? Body bags coming back to Russia by the hundreds. This story is fluid and as such is one of the main reasons the stock market is in a tailspin.

People living under the dictatorship of emperor legault will read this and lose their cookies. The Biden administration is withdrawing its Covid-19 vaccination and testing regulation aimed at large businesses, following the Supreme Court’s decision to block the rule earlier this month.

Let’s put it this way: Nobody is standing in a cage in the US waiting to get their blood pressure medication nor are they lining up in the freezing cold like moronic sheep to show their vaccine passports.

We really, really hope that DeSantis runs for president. He was allowing the use of monoclonal antibody cocktails to cure people of covid, allowing them to stay out of the hospital. As we said before, people from here were running to the US in April and May of 2020 to receive these treatments and they worked.

Biden, who clearly doesn’t have a grasp on the situation, allowed and sanctioned the Food and Drug Administration on Monday and cut Florida’s weekly allotment of these drugs.

If people don’t understand why nobody will listen to any politicians, this is one of the reasons.

Here in the emperor’s poutine palace, his bureaucrats in the OLF – office de la langue francais went after a resto-bar owner because he had English on his facebook page. Never mind that his place was shut down for almost two years. For this the emperor has money. There are simply no words to describe the incompetent, bungling, bush-league government that is running this province. We sincerely hope and encourage people, yet again, to quietly use civil disobedience. We purposely did not print one edict the emperor lifted today because we are no longer listening to his drivel.

Now for a public service announcement: If you want your government to know how frustrated you are with their absurd and economy-killing edicts here ya go:

Emperor Legault’s office at 418-643-5321 The puppet in the Mount Royal Riding who serves the emperor is Mr. Birnbaum 514-488-7028.

Our suggestions are that: a) you call daily.   b) Be very specific as to which measures you are protesting.    c) Very Important: Keep it to one sentence. Don’t natter on and on.Most of these calls will not be listened to, but logged so they will know how many people are calling.

Blanche will be coming to your email again tomorrow, but not on Thursday for this week only. 

We’ll talk…

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