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Yesterday there was a congressional hearing with presidents of three of the top universities. All three were women.

Sally Kornbluth is a Jewish woman and head of MIT. Claudine Gay is black and head of Harvard. Liz Magill is white, not Jewish and head of Penn State. All live in a pretend world surrounded by a bubble completely devoid of reality.

The woman who asked them the direct question at the hearing was New York Republican Representative Elise Stefanik. She is not Jewish.

She asked the following: Is calling for the genocide of Jews against the codes of conduct of Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania,

All three women responded that it depends on the context.

Those women represent every person who says what happened in Israel is horrendous 'but'. They do not understand, do not have the faintest hint of an inkling that Israel is fighting for the them to be able to be the ignoramuses they are.

Together with that...

Today, better late than never, Rabbi David Wolpe resigned from the antisemitism advisory committee at Harvard. What took him so long is anyone's guess. Since October 7 Harvard has been screaming - without saying the words - Israel deserved it. How could he have stayed there for 2 months and listened to that?

In his 3 part tweet he said that Claudine Gay, head of Harvard is a kind and thoughtful person.

Sorry Rabbi Wolpe. She's far from kind and for sure not thoughtful. Her thinking is both warped and ignorant. It stinks of someone who drank the woke-liberal kool-aid for so many years that she cannot understand or filter through her liberal fog that what happened in Israel were atrocious, inhumane acts of perversity.

We're done with people making excuses for their friends. There is no but. There is no more time to spend an extra minute with those who ascribe to but.

One of the best tongue in cheek letters we have ever seen, has just come out of Stowe Vermont. We will share the salient excerpts and sincerely hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Here ya go:

...Quebec has now decided that there are far too many foreign students in Quebec who are speaking English on the streets.

...In response, the province has nearly doubled the fees of American students wishing to attend world-renowned McGill University in Montreal.

...In an effort to help our northern friends, we in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and elsewhere should not visit Montreal, because the presence of so many English-speaking tourists will, if the aforementioned rationale is applied, be detrimental to the preservation of French in Quebec.

...Let’s spend our tourist dollars locally, where we can speak English safe in the knowledge that we are helping our friends in Quebec to preserve their language.

Is this not perfect? We did our civic duty and sent a copy to both legault - the genius who thought this up and madame dery, the one who stupidly parroted his words.

In the shut-up-we-could-care-less-what-you-think department, two months after October 7 our privileged and clearly uneducated foreign minister Melanie Joly decided to condemn hamas rapes of Israeli women

You may not love Pierre Poilievre, but he understood what happened in Israel on October 7 with the rest of the world. Not so Justin and his liberal party.

Joly finally came out on twitter yesterday and said Canada strongly condemns gender-based violence, “including rape, perpetrated by Hamas against women in Israel.”

Strongly condemns? Is this woman so removed from reality that she is unable to figure out what to say after hundreds of women were savagely raped? She strongly condemns? That's all she can say? That, in case you don't know, is political speakese. It's what her assistant wrote for her to say.

Here's what she could have said two months ago: As a woman and human being, I am incensed and disgusted that hamas used rape as a weapon of war against innocent Israeli women and girls.

She belongs in the same basket of deplorables as the female heads of Penn State, Harvard and MIT who were unable and unwilling to answer a direct question. Their response was exactly the same as Melanie Joly who took two months to even respond: It is a context-dependent decision.

All of them - the heads of those three universities and Joly should hang their heads in shame and resign immediately. Shame on all those women.

Happy Chanukah

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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