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To even write about the difference between Zelensky – president of the Ukraine and Justin, our Prime Minister is not worth the paper it’s written on. Justin ran and hid for 10 days from a convoy of truck drivers, needed ‘extra protection’ and left people living in Ottawa to fend for themselves.

Zelensky? He’s literally a deadman walking, staring down Vladimir Putin. Did he leave his people to fend for themselves? No. He’s there for them. He’s with them.

Justin is spineless. He’s nothing more than an entitled,  talking political airhead and we should be embarrassed that he was re-elected.

For an immediate example: He declared a ban on Russian oil imports. We don’t import oil products from Russia and have not since 2019. What does he respond when asked this question: “While Canada has imported very little amounts in recent years, this measure sends a powerful message.”

Really? What message  does it send?  Who exactly is he fooling besides himself? We sure hope the Conservative party can find someone with a backbone, who can actually put two words together and not retract them five minutes later.

While not everyone clearly understands Chabad nor what they do, nor do they know of the over 5,000 institutions they run worldwide, nor that they are the biggest Jewish organization in the world,  it’s time to sit up and take notice of the rabbis and their wives  – emissaries who run Chabad houses all over the Ukraine – who are taking care of thousands of the over 350,000 Jews who live there. These rabbis and their families are not abandoning their people. They are not leaving. They are not hiding. They are in for the long haul, staying with old people, orphans and many thousands of other Ukrainians who are unable to leave – until they are all forced to flee.

Some emissaries have managed to stay (for now), such as Rabbi and  Miriam Moskovitz, the Chabad emissaries in Kharkov.  They brought mattresses and blankets from their yeshiva, and food and staples from the Jewish preschool. The regional children’s hospital on Klochkivska street, right near the preschool, was bombed earlier today.

Chabad emissaries to Chernigov, Rabbi Yisroel and Alizah Silberstein, who had been assisting and offering shelter in their home and Chabad Center to 35 community members, have now reportedly fled with everyone from the city during the intense fighting, making the dangerous and difficult journey in the city which is currently surrounded by Russian troops.

Then there is Rabbi Rabbi Shlomo and Esther Wilhelm from Zhitomir (Zhytomyr) who have been in their community since 1994. While the harshest fighting is taking place further east in Kharkov (Kharkiv) and Kiev (Kyiv), Zhitomir hasn’t been spared from Russian aerial bombardment.

They run an orphanage located near a Ukrainian air base, making the area a prime target for air strikes. 100 children from Chabad’s Alumim Center for the Advancement and Welfare of Jewish Children in Western Ukraine and three Chabad emissary families staff from the orphanage have left.

They fled last week, arriving in a safe location on Friday morning, taking 15 hours to get there. The group is currently in an undisclosed location in the Carpathian mountains, in far western Ukraine. Over Shabbat, they were joined by more refugees from Zhitomir, and the group now numbers more than 200 people. The emissaries are trying to get the children from the orphanage to safety to Romania.

In all of this, a leader emerged. Zelensky. G-d forbid we had to rely on our cowardly leaders.

Alexander Ovechkin is Putin’s most favorite athlete playing Putin’s favorite sport, hockey. Has Ovechkin come out and denounced the war in the Ukraine? Not exactly.

While he’s getting raked over the coals for not actually saying the words, he did say no more war. That in and of itself is something. Why? Because Ovechkin is very well aware that one doesn’t have to be living in Moscow to feel the revenge of Putin. Nor does it have to be Ovechkin himself. His family, his friends and maybe even the players on his team could be in danger if he publicly goes after Putin. Nothing to sneeze at.

Then there’s the oil and gas issue which is coming home to roost now. Thanks to ‘global warming’, then ‘climate change’, then the geniuses who want the world to run on wind farms, Russia produces one out of every 10 barrels of oil the world consumes and up to a third of Europe’s natural gas supplies. The petroleum card gives Putin strategic leverage well beyond his nuclear arsenal. That is the same card that members of OPEC – the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries once played.

People think Putin is losing it. Nancy Pelosi said he has brain fog from covid or cancer. Far from it. He’s about three steps in front of the whiny save-the-tree-turtles-and-whales crowd, way past oil and gas.

Along with China, he understands the necessity to acquire strategic materials found around the world for the adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

So what did Putin do? To site but one example, he got on the phone with the president of Bolivia, pressing for a lithium mining contract while promising to send Covid vaccines. All the while the US Canada and all the other entitled countries are whining about straws, asleep at the wheel or listening to people like Justin who is 1,000% out of his league.

The US and Canada want every vehicle electric by 2035. Did they ever think for half a second that electric vehicles need batteries to run? That said batteries contain critical minerals like lithium, cobalt, copper, nickel to run? And where are those minerals found? Not in the US or Canada. In China and other unstable countries.

There’s a lot more at stake here than the Ukraine. Perhaps this will be the official wakeup call for all the bleeding heart liberals who want to save the world but have not the faintest hint of a clue what they are doing. If this is not the case, start buying sweaters and hold onto your gas cars for a decade or so.

And once we’re on macabre subjects, here’s another one. What happens when the Queen dies? Did you know that there is a very, very strict protocol that is immediately put into place? Here ya go:

The code for her death is London Bridge is down. Prince Charles will automatically become king when Queen Elizabeth dies, with the coronation at a later date. This one is a bit much, even for the stiff-upper-lipped Brits: there will be 12 days of mourning throughout the United Kingdom. This grieving period is so serious that the public will be discouraged from laughing for the duration. Seriously? So serious is this that the BBC will refrain from airing any comedies or humorous television content in an effort to discourage people from laughing.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope she lives till 120.

Tonight is Biden’s first State of the Union address. Before he even gets to the lectern, he has to walk a long way from that door to the stage. If he shuffles along it may take him an hour to get there. Then people are fearing how s.l.o.w.l.y. he will talk. While he will have a teleprompter in front of him, it’s anyone’s guess if he is stable enough to follow it.

No doubt the font is uber large but even then, if he gets the least bit distracted he’s going to lose it and can’t just walk away. It will be very interesting to see how he performs tonight. Our guess is that he’s going to be given some form of intravenous energy medication.  All day.

We’ll talk…

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