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The World Trade Center Rises Again

Guess where 50,881 people were this past Sunday? Running the New York city marathon. Can we talk? Blanche, can you imagine running with 50,000 people – in all shapes, sizes and modes of dress? Close your eyes, the sight is just too much.

The bathroom issue was solved by portable toilets every mile (don’t even try to imagine what those looked like). But the smell of 50,000 sweating bodies? Spare us. We cannot figure out what the fun is in all of this. And who won? Well, there were two winners – one man and one woman  both from Kenya. Morris the accountant, Ethel the eyebrow plucker and Fishel the lawyer came in hours after the two Kenyans.

Pierre Karl Peladeau is finally getting married to Julie Synder, the mother of his three children. In case you live on Mars, he’s the non-candidate candidate running for the leadership of the PQ. While we’re pretty sure he still wants the country of Quebec for his children, we’re certain that he knows which side his bread is buttered on. He obviously knows that living with Synder won’t go over well with, shall we say, his religious friends. He’s gotta be married to run, ergo his blatant announcement.

In the ‘It’s about time’ section, Israel’s cabinet has approved a change to its criminal code allowing prison sentences of up to 20 years for people who throw rocks at vehicles. The ‘people’ in question are arabs throwing rocks at cars. Of course 20 years is the extreme case. Five years seems to be the norm as opposed to the few months that was meted out until now.

Today the storied World Trade Center opened it’s doors after that fateful, horrific day, 9/11, thirteen years ago.  The Conde Nast magazine empire, with titles like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, moved in with 2,300 employees spread among 24 floors. Brave people.

We watched a video on how the building was constructed. Cement was used to bolster both the banks of elevators and stairwells. This building is the best revenge to those who wish to destroy our way of life.

If you use Highway 20, one of the heavier traveled roads in Montreal, count your lucky stars. Construction work to repair an overpass over Highway 20 west of Montreal has unearthed a serious structural problem – a large crack in the subsurface of the bridge. Blanche can we talk? Every time we are stuck under an overpass at a red light we can’t help but look up. And what we see ain’t pretty.

Most of the time the bottom of the overpass looks, well, old and crumbly. We tried waiting before the overpass when the light turned red, but the honking behind us was rather embarrassing. Best pray when you drive. Can people who want baseball to return to Montreal give it a break? Until that monstrosity Big O is imploded and a new stadium built downtown, the Americans who run baseball ain’t looking at us. They’re not even glancing in our direction. Big whoop that the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Cincinnati Reds here in April. Do people think that if we can fill the Big O we’re getting a team here?

Until we have a viable downtown stadium there’s nothing to talk about. Point finale.

When is ‘that’ interminable trial going to be over here on Montreal. The whole thing is nauseating from beginning to end.

On July 24, 1967 Charles de Gaulle, then President of France stood on the balcony of Montreal’s city hall and addressed the thousands of adoring fans: First he shouted Vive Quebec. He took a breath and then… Vive Quebec libre. The crowd went wild and we have been paying ever since with the likes of princess pauline, drainville and peladeau.

Well, it appears that the current president of France wants to follow in De Gaulle’s footsteps. François Hollande compared Quebec to resistance fighters. Yes, you read that correctly. Sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Saying things to stir the pot. Mercifully, it looks like no one is really listening to him or his ilk any longer.

Holland said this in the National assembly in Quebec City. If we were Montreal’s Mayor Coderre, who is next up to receive this dude, we’d give Holland some duct tape to shut him up. What a loser.

Today is a big day down south. It is the US Mid Term elections. What? You don’t care? You’re not following? Doesn’t matter. If Obama gets the whopping that we hope he will, it will be worth it.

Anyone notice how many squirrels have been, shall we say, eliminated lately? If we lived in Mississippi we’d have supper for days – roadkill. Did we just write that? Dizguzting.

We’ll talk…

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