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There Are No Excuses.

As we couldn’t find information that is not slanted one way or the other on the US immigration fiasco, we turned to Snopes. For over twenty years, Snopes has come to be regarded as an online touchstone of reliable research on rumors and misinformation.

The visual of children, often very young children, forcibly separated from their mothers in most cases, is nothing short of appalling. The US immigration policy on people trying to get into the country, seemingly written by none other than Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s inner, inner circle, is brutal.

This is called playing hardball with the immigration issue, using children as bait. Nobody is right here and there are no excuses for taking small children away from their parents. If the parents are illegally entering the country, incarcerate them with their children as Obama did (in abhorrent conditions).

Snopes: The claim that a “law to separate families” was enacted prior to April 2018, and the federal government is powerless not to enforce it is false.

There is no federal law that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the United States. An increase in child detainees separated from parents stemmed directly from a change in enforcement policy repeatedly announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and May 2018, under which adults (with or without children) are criminally prosecuted for attempting to enter the United States.

Of all the people that could possibly do something about Trump’s way of stopping illegal immigration, the only one we can think of that could make even a dent is his daughter Ivanka as it is she who has young children (his grandchildren). We wonder to ourselves how she can look at her toddler and then herself in the mirror, without thinking of the policy her father has enacted.

We are not getting involved in the politics of this. It is simply dead wrong.

And a word to those Trump detractors who will gleefully say we-told-you so. Don’t get on your high horse.This issue has been around for many presidents before Trump, who did some pretty nasty things to try to keep illegals out, but were unable to solve the issue. It got passed down to him, as did North Korea and other issues that, once and for all, do need a solution. Taking young children from their mothers however, is not said solution to this problem.

It appears that even though Denis Coderre, Montreal’s former mayor is no longer the mayor, his legacy lives on. While in office he was repeatedly asked how many tickets were sold to the Formula e race last year. At first he kept saying he didn’t know. He finally responded it was 25,000. Then, last February Montréal c’est électrique (MCE) said the number was actually 15,000.

Turns out they were both wrong. According to Montreal’s Auditor General only 13,646 tickets were sold to the electric car race, and that number was available as soon as they waved the checkered flag. Seriously? Coderre knew right away his useless electric car race was as doomed.

The moral of this story is that Coderre has made sure the way we look at politicians is exactly as we thought – as people who take their power much to seriously, making them enlightened and with a big problem telling the truth.

According to Bloomberg News, the Trump administration will announce today that the United States will withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). .The UNHRC was created in 2006 and their main claim to fame is its consistent targeting of Israel while ignoring human rights abuses around the world.

In 2009, the UNHRC published the infamous “Goldstone Report” accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza during its military operations in December 2008 – January 2009. Two years later, Justice Goldstone finally admitted that the claim that Israel deliberately targeted civilians was false; he commended Israel’s independent investigations into charges of abuse.

Scream as they may, CNN, the Democrats and anyone else awaiting the Mueller report will have to temper their accusations.

Testifying to Congress (under oath) with regard to the Internal General’s report revolving around the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed that the report had found that beyond FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page , two additional FBI agents and an attorney were discovered showing anti-Trump bias, and that two of the three were working on either the Russia investigation or the Mueller probe.

The NAFTA issue is going to come back to bite Trudeau if he doesn’t settle it quickly. Somebody is feeding Trump accurate information about the shopping habits of Canadians crossing into the US to shop and bring back items that can be had in the US for way, way less money than in Canada. Amongst said items is cheese, specifically kosher cheese. A good price here, hard to find, is about $3.79 for 10 slices. The price in supermarkets is anywhere from $3.89 to $9.00 for the same ten slices. That is if one can find the cheese.

Now go to New York and that exact same cheese is $1.99. Even with the exchange, the price difference is insane. Did you know that you are paying 270% more for ice cream in Canada thanks to the dairy board?

If Trudeau doesn’t sign something soon, Trump is going to have a really good time upping the taxes on many more items than steel and aluminum. And we read that if that tax doesn’t come off soon, 1 in 5 people in Ontario will be out of a job.

We’ll talk…

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