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Today marks the first day of the hearing of the Rouleau Commission, which will investigate the federal government's invocation of the never-before-used Emergencies Act last February. We are looking forward to a few days of some serious fun

You will recall that Justin said the truckers were a threat to national security. Of course he said that while hiding away like a scared mosquito facing a flyswatter. Talk to the truckers? And risk having people actually see you are inept because you couldn't meet them on zoom and actually had to be there in person ? Not on your life.

The one and only reason that the Emergencies Act had to be activated is because there was no leadership then and there is no leadership now in this country. Justin was over his head and the Ottawa police had not the faintest hint of a clue what to do so they abandoned their posts leaving citizens in Ottawa to fend for themselves.

What happened in Ottawa in February over a few weeks was the result of a leader who is unable to govern and unable to communicate. We will remind you that CSIS told the police and obviously Justin that the truckers were on the way. It was not a surprise. They knew a few weeks in advance.

And in case Justin pretended that he didn't know, as the truckers made their way across Canada and as more and more joined the convoy, they were cheered on every overpass all across the country.

People were done with covid restrictions made with zero medical reasons. They were done being told what to do when those doing the telling did whatever they wanted and when caught, simply said, sorry, we won't do it again.

The commission cannot press charges on anyone nor do they determine whether individuals have committed crimes. Their function is to uncover the truth. Let's see if they are able to actually do that without fear of repercussion from Justin and his minions.

Dominique Anglade, leader of the quebec liberal party is a lot denser than we ever thought and it appears many others think so as well. The clock is ticking madame. If she can't figure out why, we will enlighten her: Follow the money.

She is unable to raise money and without money, the party ceases to exist. Pretty simple. When the big boys and companies stop giving to your party because they think you are a loser, you should be wise enough to know there is a big a problem. Not so here. Never mind that she surrounded herself with rank amateurs to run her election campaign, shutting out anyone with experience.

And here's one more thing to chew on: Thomas Mulcair was bemoaning the fact that her parents came from Haiti and she's a visible minority and a woman and that's why she's being challenged. Not the reason buddy.

It has nothing to do with her color or where she came from. When someone does a good job, nobody cares where they came from, what color they are or what gender they are.

And when somebody screws up and is in a job they are unable to fulfill, they also don't care what color or gender you are. Stop using woke bs as an excuse. It doesn't fit this narrative.

Remember monkeypox? Remember how the media tried to get everybody hysterical about it? Where has it gone? Since a peak in early August, reported monkeypox cases in the U.S. have fallen more than 85 percent.

Just call it the rise and fall of monkeypox.

It appears that we are paying a steep price to live in Canada. In fact, many of the things we pay for are the highest in the world.

Take credit card fees. When you buy something, it is now legal for retailers to tack on a surcharge of as much as 2.4 per cent. So if you buy something in Quebec for $100 you pay 5% gst, 9.975% quebec tax and now, 2.4% to the credit card companies.

So, that's $5.00 more to the Canadian government, $9.98 to the Quebec government for a total of $114.98 plus now 2.4% to the credit card companies for a grand total of $117.73 for a $100 item.

By far though, the worst gouging we are getting are our cell phone plans: Get this peeps: In Europe, it can cost as little as $30 for a monthly cell phone plan with 100 gigabytes of mobile data. In Canada, that kind of plan would run $144.

Then there's air travel. That was a huge eye-opener. If you take a 100 km trip by air using either Air Canada or WestJet, you are going to pay $123.52. In the U.S. even a full-service airline would run only $23.55. That makes Canada the sixth most expensive country in the world to buy an airline ticket. We can attest to this as we have family living in Florida who fly to New York for about $45-$55.

As least our tax dollars are funding our healthcare system. Not. Oh wait. Our gas prices are cheaper? Not. Maybe our roads are better? Not living the the orange cone city, that's for sure.

So where is all this money going? Who is pocketing it?

We think that Quebec is the only place in the world still reporting how many people are hospitalized due to covid. No really. The rest of the world has moved on.

Covid is here to stay, as is the flu and colds. But somehow the rest of the world has managed to drop all of the above from their daily news reports. Why is it here that we must listen to how many people are in the hospital with covid?

At least they are now being honest - or as honest as they can be. 2,082 people are in the hospital with covid but only 614 were admitted because of their symptoms, while the rest tested positive after arriving in hospital. Up until now all we got was the 2,082 number leading us to think that all those people came to the hospital with covid.

FYI - they did that throughout the pandemic, scaring people who to this day are still wearing masks while alone in their cars or walking their dogs.

The issue was and continues to be the deplorable, pathetic healthcare system. You know, the one where czar legault won't allow immigrants here who could fill the tens of thousands of empty positions to alleviate at least part of the crisis.

Never mind not allowing doctors and nurses who are immigrants from coming here. And when they do, making their lives miserable with hysterical language laws.

And one more thing: If czar legault ever saw the picture with this article he would be apoplectic. And if he were sick and needed a doctor or nurse in an emergency he would hug both those women. When it suits his agenda to be a racist he is. And when he needs those same people he's a sweet as sickeningly sweet syrup. Feh.

Philadelphia has a chain of convenience stores by the name of Wawa. While they have locations in multiple states along the East Coast, the company is headquartered in Greater Philadelphia, where it is one of the largest food retailers.

Last month they were hit by mobs who ransacked more than one of their stores. They’ve had to invest in heavy-duty security and guess what? Security doesn’t add anything to your bottom line, rather it costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Alas, they can no longer function without it.

Welcome to woke, democratic, liberal America. You want woke? You are going to get it spades and it's now going to be called the biggest woke-up call in history.

As everywhere else including here, it is only when the money leaves and business people step up to the plate and say enough does change happen. Wawa is now seriously considering moving out of the city of Philadelphia.

Get rid of the no bail bill. Bring back the police. Re-integrate them into low-income communities. Here's a headline: Not every policeman or policewoman is a racist. Most actually do their jobs well.

A final note about czar legault's attitude towards his 'base': His health department is considering telling people that they don't have to stay home for five days after testing positive for covid. What?

If his base is so dumb that they don't know to stay home when they are sick, well, there's nothing more to say. Do they also need the government to tell them when to take something for constipation? And who is testing for covid anyway? You're sick, you're sick. Flu, covid, cold - who cares. They are all contagious.

Here is our free public announcement: Stay home until you have no fever for 24 hours and you feel better. And if you are constipated, take Ex Lax.

Good Shabbos

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