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Accusing the government of India of having a Canadian Sikh murdered in Canada and not giving any information about it is going to come back to bite Justin and make Canada look weak and leaderless unless he comes up with something very credible very quickly.

This is not like when he wouldn't fess up to staying in Corinthia hotel in London during his visit to attend the Queen's funeral and kept smugly and arrogantly quiet for weeks and weeks. Those few nights cost Canadian taxpayers over $6000 USD per night and Justin wouldn't say if he stayed there when questioned in parliament. Finally he fessed up but when he was good and ready to do so.

Accusing India of murdering a Canadian has much more serious repercussions than hiding his stay in one of the most expensive hotels in London.

For starters, Indian students make up the bulk of foreign students in Canada which translates into gzillions of dollars for universities.

Then there's the fact that China butted into our election and he's still stalling an inquiry about that. Which has a bigger impact? Clearly the election meddling but hey, Justin won so why would he want to have someone look into that?

India is not saying, as Saudi Arabia did when they killed Khashoggi while he was in Turkey that it was rogue Saudis who did the job. India is saying they didn't do it.

Justin accused India now for two reasons: a) to change the channel away from Poilievre which worked for a 24 hour news cycle. And b) to make himself look like a hero.

Our issues are as we said in the last report: If indeed Nijjar was killed by the Indian government, why didn't Justin say so immediately? Or when he found out a few weeks later? Why didn't he reach out to Modi of India before the summit last week? This happened in June. We're now in September.

Our guess is that Justin is bluffing but this time got caught with his pants down. Or, as we keep saying, like the emperor with no clothes.

Max Braun is rolling over in his grave. The highly successful Braun razor company he founded in 1921, which was then bought over by Procter and Gamble, has lost its mind.

Why, if a company sells razors, can't they just stick to selling razors? Which genius sitting a board room, not remotely related to Max Braun, decided that he or she has the authority to become political or, in today's lingo - transgressive?

This past week, the U.K. branch of the grooming company featured a woman identifying as a man to model the company’s Series X hybrid trimmers. The female model who is shaving topless, appears to have undergone a double mastectomy.

It didn't go over well. On Tik Tok over 145 k viewers liked the following: Braun is now celebrating the mutilation cult of gender. Not great publicity.

We're not done. Braun’s sister company Gillette released an ad in 2019 that features a father helping his child named “Samson” — a female “transitioning” into a male” — shave for the first time.

Have these people lost their minds? You don't have to answer. It's yes. Who are they to wade into this topic? Who cares what they think? Wait. As always, it's follow the money.

P&G must have done research and figured out that being 'transgressive' is better for their bottom line than staying quiet and just selling razors.

We really hope that, as Justin, this comes back to bite them very hard.

This is really something. Mexico is on track to have its first Jewish, female president. Woah. That's a biggie.

The two leading candidates in the polls for the 2024 election are Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City’s former mayor, and Xóchitl Gálvez, a senator representing the center-right opposition bloc. Sheinbaum who is leading in the polls, and is currently the frontrunner, could become the country’s first Jewish president.

Sheinbaum is no lightweight. She is a Nobel Prize-winning scientist and political liberal who has beaten back crime.

Born to two science professors in Mexico City, Sheinbaum studied physics and became an engineering professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Her research focused on energy usage in Mexico’s buildings and transportation system.

Along with a group of other experts on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, she would go on to win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

The election is not until June 2024. We hope two things; a) she stays alive until and b) she wins.

King Charles and his beloved, Camilla (we cannot call her queen), visited France this past week. To say that there was pomp and circumstance and all the bells and whistles you can imagine, is an understatement. Nothing was spared when the French rolled out the red carpet for Charles.

There was a state banquet held no less at the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles.

Since England left Brexit, the relationship between the two countries has been cold to put it mildly. It appears that Charles has taken a big step to fix that friendship. Europe is a relatively small place and when neighbors aren't talking, it doesn't bode well for anyone.

Chew on this one: In three days, Justin spent $275,000 at an 'inflation summit' in Vancouver. If that's not the cat's meow, we don't know what is.

It's also an in-your-face don't do as I do, do as I say.

Justin breathlessly said he is trying to fight inflation and then goes and spends $275,000 of your money?

He met with the heads of the major grocery stores and put the screws to them. He said he's worried about the small peeps. Really?

Here's a headline: Justin will say or do anything to boost his quickly deflating image. He reminds us of Valerie Plante. She's almost worse as she had people believe that in 2019 when she carried out an extensive study about closing the mountain that she was honest and truthful about the results.

In the end she lied. Straight out. And gave you the finger because it was determined that the road on the mountain should stay open and last week she said it's closing.

There is no leadership anywhere in this country.

Good Shabbos

Easy fast.

We'll talk...

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