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Time to Stop Asking How Dumb People Can Get. People Seem to Be Taking It As A Challenge

Uber looks like it will be short-lived here in la belle province. The whole point is that people just take their car, join up to be an Uber driver and bob’s your uncle. As the rider, you join, hit the app and poof! your car is waiting. It’s clean, simple, no waving on the street for a taxi in the pouring rain and no money changes hands.

The taxi industry fought hard to keep Uber out of here and it looks like they won. During the few months Uber was on the scene, taxi drivers were told they had to wear clean clothes, no eating in their cars and to get machines to take credit cards. Now that Uber is almost history, why do we think that none of the above will ever happen?

Competition is what makes people and companies better themselves. If you’re the only game in town well, let’s just say not much change has to occur.

Imagine this one: A computer glitch closed tens of Loblaws stores today. Seems their computers could not finish the sales. Aren’t you happy that you’re not their tech company? Blanche put The Donald as the third story. After all, how much can you read about him?

First new mayor of London, a muslim, said that Trump has ignorant views of muslims. He’s not the brightest chip in the box for saying this as Trump could very well be the next president. Of course it didn’t help that Trump said he would ‘make an exception’ to allow the new mayor into the country should he be elected president and enact the ban. Honestly, politics has become a reality show.

Paul Ryan, the highest ranking republican met with Trump today. Right now Ryan can’t openly support him. Make no mistake here, Ryan is eyeing the 2020 presidential election and is treading very carefully so as not to make a mistake that will come back to bite him in a couple of years.

The republican establishment has no choice but to support The Donald. He’s not going away.

And then there’s Sanders – an old, angry, socialist spewing ideas that Russia left behind decades ago. We have an idea: Let Sanders go live in Russia now, even without socialism. We’ll see how fast he changes his mind. Free college for everyone? Who’s paying?

He also has the leftist, university intelligentsia vote, but they also support BDS aka anti-semitism. Sanders himself despises acknowledging his heritage. We are very suspect of people who hide who they really are.

The whole crew – Hillary, Sanders and Trump are just very special.

Summer is coming and with that, traveling. Here’s a tip on how to avoid last class on the plane – that dreaded middle seat.

Many people now book flights online. The result: The presumption that all the inventory is online. Not even close. Airlines hold back certain seats, at certain fares, and on some flights it may be as much as 20 percent of the total amount of available seats.

What this means is that if you’re online and you go to the seating chart provided by the airline, what you’re seeing isn’t the total number of available seats. Rather, you’re seeing the number of seats the airline chooses to make available at that particular time. Sneaky, eh? Bottom line: many online airline seating charts don’t tell the whole truth.

How to avoid this? Have a conversation. Talk to a human being. The screen at the airline’s reservation center almost always shows more seats than you’re seeing. That’s when you can often snare a lower priced window or aisle seat.

Another option before you make that call is to go to The website shows the airline seating configurations for all the major airlines based on aircraft type.

Don’t say Blanche doesn’t look out for you. Did you know there was a cyber attack on banks in Bangladesh? Hackers stole $81 million from the central bank of Bangladesh in February. In that robbery, the attackers were able to compel the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to move money to accounts in the Philippines.Tomorrow there will be an announcement of another such heist. Seems that Swift — the messaging system used by thousands of banks and companies to move money around the world is being targeted.

Notice how quiet this was kept? Don’t you wonder how many other such ‘heists’ there were?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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