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If you are a traveler, then you are part of one of  the biggest lotteries going.  Will your flight be cut?  Well…first pay thousands of dollars for your tickets and then wait to see if you are one of the unlucky 150 flights a day to be cancelled. A crap shoot. 

Starting with endless check-in and passport-control lineups, constant flight delays and cancellations, baggage ‘mishaps’  read: lost luggage – flying has become not a luxury, but a punishment, endured because it appears people in the travel industry could not figure out that after being cooped up for 2 years, people would actually want to move around. Doink.

How is it that the travel industry is so dense that they couldn’t figure out people would want to travel? Whatever the answer is, it’s too late to do anything about it now. And one more thing. A word of advice:  Whatever you value, take with you. It’s another big crap shoot if you will get your luggage…if your flight ever leaves.

And in case there’s not enough stupidity to go around, here’s another beauty: The federal government announced Wednesday all existing border restrictions to enter Canada will remain in place until at least Sept. 30.

That means foreign travellers will still need to provide proof of being fully vaccinated to enter the country and unvaccinated Canadians or permanent residents will need to provide a molecular COVID-19 test taken prior to entering and quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

The government is also still requiring all travellers, regardless of citizenship, to upload their vaccine information and travel documents to the ArriveCan app. If you are reading this from another country, stay away from Canada. Find somewhere else to vacation.

Finally some good news. Unilever has sold its Ben & Jerry’s business interests in Israel. Last year, Ben & Jerry’s announced that they would no longer sell their products in the West Bank, which it referred to as “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” That policy has been scrapped now that Unilever sold their interests to American Quality Products Ltd, which had been the Israeli licensee for Ben & Jerry’s.

Lest you think you can go back to buying Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, think again. Unilever has insisted that they have never supported the BDS movement which is nothing more than the new buzz words for anti-Semitism. This company is as slimy as they come. Feh.

If you are planning to go to San Francisco for a vacation, we suggest you bring something to cover your head. It appears that there is an over abundance of anchovies which are falling from the sky. How is that possible? Simple. Birds dive for the little fishies, eat as much as they want, and then drop the rest from the sky. If you happen to be waiting for a bus or eating on a terrace or just taking a walk, take a plastic cover with you.

Putin is not a happy camper these days. He’s having a temper tantrum over the fact that both Finland and Sweden have been accepted into NATO after Turkey lifted its veto over their bid.

Putin is threatening the two countries, saying that beforehand, things were fine between them all. But now, as they are part of NATO, they could pose a threat to Russia and he won’t be happy with that. Putin is getting his tighty whities into a big knot. We really hope they strangle him.

In the you-won’t-believe-it-department, staunch, lifetime democrats are quietly saying that they wish Trump were in the White House instead of Biden. They cannot believe what is happening to their country under his watch. What’s even worse, the names coming up to replace him in 2024 are pretty scary: Hillary, AOC and don’t be surprised if  see Zaidy Bernie gets himself into that mix as well.

It has become painfully obvious that Kamala Harris has the brain of…an anchovy, so she’s not even being considered. What a mess…

Israel’s parliament voted Thursday to dissolve itself and send the country to the polls in November for the fifth time in less than four years. Yair Lapid, Israel’s foreign minister and architect of the outgoing coalition government, will become the country’s caretaker prime minister just after midnight on Friday. He will be the 14th person to hold that office, taking over from Naftali Bennett, Israel’s shortest serving prime minister.

Bennett said he would be taking a hiatus from politics and would not be running in the upcoming elections. Turns out he was one of Israel’s worst prime ministers. Go know.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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