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Trudeau and His Spokestwits

You know the old he said, she said when there’s a divorce? Well, in this case it’s he said, he said. Trump said he left the G7 thinking they had some kind of deal worked out. Then he heard the press conference where Trudeau announced Canada would not be pushed around. Trudeau said or felt that there was no deal. Before we continue, we will unequivocally say that Peter Navarro’s statement that there’s a special place in h.ll for Trudeau is asinine at best. He has since apologized for that comment.

And then, Trudeau and his ‘spokestwits’ did that press conference after Trump left. What were they thinking? That he wouldn’t see it? Trump works like this: If you have something to say, say it to his face.

All during the NAFTA talks, Trump was crazed from the soft, mushy talk about gender equality, aboriginal rights and environmental issues. Like it or not, he doesn’t give a hoot about those issues. So what does Trudeau do at the G7? He invites Trump to a breakfast on Saturday morning dealing with ‘global’ issues such as…gender equality, clean energy, and preparing our citizens & economies for jobs of the future. Soft, mushy airy things. If Trudeau could not figure out that he would be sending Trump off the map with this breakfast, he’s really dense. (FYI Trump arrived at the breakfast half an hour late with a huge entourage including many photographers who drowned out the speaker with their cameras.)

Again, you may not like Trump and the numbers he quotes are clearly inflated or wrong, but that press conference Trudeau held was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Did he not know Trump would be incensed? Did he not think that would ratchet up the whole issue? Obviously not, which is exactly the point.

Trump is not a politician which means he doesn’t think or act like one. He’s a boorish New York businessman who likes nothing more than to spar and fight with his opponents. How is it that we can figure this out while neither our Prime Minister nor the twits who surround him cannot? This NAFTA feud is idiotic and will pass, but not before putting many people through the wringer, afraid of losing their jobs.

And a final note on this subject: Stephen Harper was interviewed on Fox News Sunday. What a breath of fresh air. No, he’s not so good looking, yes he’s a bit of a control freak and both he and his hair are pretty boring. But he’s also intelligent, can see the issues through the forest and articulate them with great clarity.

Let’s face facts. Trudeau was elected on the back of his father and his good looks. Unfortunately, Canadians are paying a dear price for his inability to understand both the issues and players.

We must say that we are less than impressed that Andrew Scheer came out publicly backing the dairy board, assuring them of his support.

Blanche, doesn’t this look like an overt play to make sure he keeps those votes for the election? It appears he threw Canadian consumers under the bus by keeping dairy product prices insanely inflated.

His handlers made a huge mistake thinking that the little people would forget about this by the time the election rolls around, while the dairy board would not.

The smarter move would have been to keep his mouth shut and let the chips fall where they may – which would have been forcing Trudeau to kill the dairy board while blaming Trump.

Now for Trump and Kim Jong Un. Like it or not, again Trump did what the naysayers said could never be done. And even though he met the North Korean leader, the first time anyone has done that in over half a century, he’s still being vilified in the media.

No, Kim Jong might not abide by whatever was signed. No, things may not work out exactly as planned. But at least a dialogue was opened. At least Un understands clearly that if he screws up this time, it will be different. Trump made that very clear and we have no doubt he will carry through with whatever threat he promised. No other president from Obama to Clinton was able to get a face to face meeting.

Could the detractors control themselves for five minutes and give Trump the accolades he deserves for at least getting this far? In fact, most of them cannot do that. So here’s a headline: No matter what Trump does, from how he pours his cereal into his bowl in the morning to meeting the leader of North Korea, he will not satisfy the liberal democrats.

The result: Trump doesn’t give a rats. In fact, it frees him up to do exactly what pleases his core group.

Ever hear of OFA? It stands for Organizing for Action,a group formed out of Barack Obama’s old campaign apparatus. Up until now they have been in the background of democratic candidates. Now they are moving more directly into politics than ever before, deploying in 27 House races around the country this year.

Watch for them to help democratic candidates in the upcoming US elections in November. Obama’s and their lifeblood has always been its incredible volunteer base. So while you may not see Obama on the campaign buses, you can be certain he’s behind the scenes. We just hope Hillary doesn’t get her little hands on this as there is no doubt she would find a way to make money off it.

If you are traveling to the US be prepared and say thank you to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for very long border waits.

Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced a “strengthened” Northern Border Strategy that it claims will help “combat terrorism” and “help facilitate travel and trade” at its border with Canada.

We will help you read between the lines: If you don’t have Nexus or Global Entry you will most likely have the distinct pleasure of sitting in long lines at the border. They will no doubt be asking extra special questions, if you get the drift.

We’ll talk…

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