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Trudeau Invoking Clinton’s Infamous Words: There’s No There There.

The part that most incensed us about Justin Trudeau’s smirking press conference today was this:   In July 2018 he was accused of groping a young woman years before. At first he said he didn’t recall the incident. When he finally ‘remembered’ had no choice to but to issue an apology  with this line: “the same interactions can be experienced very differently from one person to the next.”

Mr. gender equality said the exact same thing today when referring to what Jody Wilson Raybould accused him of, which was to try to make sure that SNC Lavalin’s executives, who are accused of conspiracy and bribery, have the charges waived: “Situations were experienced differently and I regret that.”

In other words, women cannot possibly see things the way men do and therefore the way they see them is both erroneous and incorrect. If anyone believes that a word he says about gender equality, well, frankly you are being duped by a slime ball.

Justin Trudeau tried to indicate that the whole affair was about jobs. Well, that fell flat on its face when the premier of Saskatchewan came out and asked if jobs in Quebec were more important than jobs in his province.

Then he tried to say this was  an erosion of trust? Who had the erosion? Certainly not Jody Wilson Raybould. Nothing was eroded in her mind, which was fully made up. It appears that the erosion took place from the top – Justin Trudeau down to his most senior advisors.

Trudeau then tried to say this whole scandal was a ‘teaching moment’. Seriously? If so, he learned nothing from it, coming out to this press conference trying hard not to smirk, which at one point he failed to do. Remember Clinton’s infamous words: There’s no There there.

Lest you think that we are the only ones who know that Justin’s press conference was a total failure, here ya go:

In an editorial from the NY Times today: “Justin Trudeau came to office… exuding charm, confidence, integrity,” but the SNC-Lavalin affairs shows that “the fresher the face, the more obvious the blemishes.”

The Evening Standard in London: Sunny ways shrouded in dark clouds…

Fox News: Trudeau denies wrongdoing and refuses to apologize in rare address: “…he remained defiant and rebuked calls to apologize during the press conference.”

Blanche – Jody Wilson Raybould’s demeanour was mature, her notes concise, her delivery straight to the point. She was the adult in the room last week and is still the only adult in the room.

Trudeau’s sidekick, Gerry Butts tried to butt JWR. He also failed. He was also smirking, trying to cosy up to the MP’s asking him questions. It was nauseating to watch.

And a final note about Anthony Housefather who obviously had an issue with his hair yesterday. Either his barber needs glasses or he needs a new brush. He looked like he rolled from his bed right into the chair he was sitting in.

He also failed to keep his composure when a vote was taken to see if Wilson Raybould would be allowed back to testify. When a yes was said, he rolled his eyes. Someone should speak to Anthony and tell him the liberal ship is slowly sinking and that Trudeau is going to let him loose like a sardine. He is expendable.

The hijab wearing muslim Democrat, Ilhan Omar proudly, loudly and with much force has said – so far – three blatant anti-semitic statements:

First she said that Israel had “hypnotized the world” – an old anti-Semitic canard attributing magical powers to the Jews.

Then she said that American support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins” – an old anti-Semitic idea that Jewish money lay at the root of America’s support for Israel.

Thirdly, and most recent:American supporters of Israel were exhibiting dual loyalty – a third old anti-Semitic suggesting that Jews are unified by clan, and are thus a nefarious force within the broader body politic.

If the Democratic Party does not quickly shut her up, their big Jewish donors are going to do what works best to get the point across that they won’t tolerate anti-semitic muslims in their party: Their check writing hand will suddenly stop working.

To those Jews who ‘always’ voted Democrat, take a good, long hard look at who’s in your party these days. Nobody seems to be able to control the open, virulent anti-Semitism. Then take a look at what’s happening to Jews in Europe. Here’s some free advice: Nip those three arabs in the bud, toss them out of your party with their socialism and get control back.

Back to sunny ways for a moment. Trudeau is screwing up on many fronts. The Chinese are getting madder by the day about the Meng Wanzhou issue. Trudeau was too slow to figure out that when Trump asked Canada to hold her while she was in transit, papers could have been shuffled  and poof! she would have been back in China. Now we are in a war of words with them, and three Canadians are being held, no doubt to prove a point here.

Long after he is gone, we will be paying off his debts because of his reckless spending.

And we will remind you that he gave $10 million as an apology to Omar Khadir. An apology was not enough. It had to come with $10 million. Jody Wilson Raybould got thrown under the bus and then run over. It will come back to haunt Trudeau.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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