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Trudeau is an Embarrassment as Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau has a zero grasp of international politics and is in the minus column when it comes to the Middle East.  In case you have been taking a very long nap (since yesterday) our infamous prime minister  has  called for an independent probe for Israel’s  use of ‘excessive force’ in Gaza shootings. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what happened in Gaza was purely a photo-op for the world. He fell into their trap hook, line and sinker.  Air between his ears.

We are guessing his handlers next genius move will be to get him over to the United Nations next to tell all the other arab countries who take this stance against Israel – on a permanent basis – that he is securely aligned with them.

How well do you think this will go over with Trump and the NAFTA negotiations? Oh, wait a minute. Didn’t Trump just open the embassy in Jerusalem and isn’t he good friends with Netanyahu? And didn’t Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations explain what is really going on in Gaza?

Here are some facts gleaned by a reporter on the ground. We suggest Trudeau read them as they are in black and white in the National Post. Or, if he can’t manage to read the article, perhaps have someone read it to him:

Gazan civilians were warned against approaching the border. Leaflet drops, phone calls, sms messages and radio broadcasts were sent to these ‘civilians.’ Bus companies will called and told not to bring women and children to the border.

The whole point of the exercise  in Gaza were  photo-ops of the poor women and children ‘fighting’ against the ‘occupier’ Israel.  Instead of calling for an inquiry into Israel’s actions, our suggestion is that Trudeau call for an inquiry into Hamas’s actions for using people as human shields.

Unfortunately that will not happen as our prime minister is by far not the brightest chip in the box and has surrounded himself with empty boxes. Peeps in Canada – there’s nobody running the store.

And finally if anyone speaks to Justin, please send him Nikki Haley’s speech in the UN on May 15. He needs to see how it’s done.

Lest you think we have the exclusive rights to Israel-haters, think again. The University of California has canceled an event celebrating the university’s study abroad program to Israel in light of the country’s response to the violent Hamas-led riots on the Gaza strip.

No shortage of people buying into the optics of Hamas. They are very good at spinning the media to what they want. Israel should take notes.

It appears that a school in Gaza  funded by the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA) urged their schoolchildren to join in the deadly riots on the border between Israel and Gaza. Not only that, but the school is teaching the children that they have the right to claim the land of Israel by any means necessary.

The United Nations is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Trump told people who came into the United States illegally, that to be able to stay, they have to apply like everyone else. If that takes too long or they don’t fit the bill, they will be deported.

Our darling prime minister told those same people to come to Canada. We’ll take you in with open arms. Presto! just like that our borders, especially the Quebec border, has become inundated with illegal immigrants.

Can we talk? Are you ready to pay for those people’s housing, food, medical expenses, clothing etc? If you are, we suggest you go to the Quebec/New York border this weekend and take some people home with you. Or, you can take part in a demonstration.

Half the people will be pro letting in these people whom they now call ‘asylum seekers’. Blanche, don’t you love liberals and how they are able to spin anything to make it sound plausible?

Or, you can join the other side who is against letting people in wholesale, skipping the red tape while others, who follow the rules, wait years.

Here’s one more little ditty: During the cold winter months, very few tried to cross illegally. Now that the weather is good, there are over a hundred people coming through daily. We don’t have the manpower to process all those people everyday.

Again, this issue is way over the head of our prime minister. Blanche, don’t you wonder what exactly he does understand?

This weekend is the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Blanche is one of those ‘royal watchers’ but alas, will have to watch said wedding on Tuesday morning. Getting married on Saturday puts us out of the game plus it is a Jewish holiday beginning Saturday night until Monday night. We certainly hope our taping system works.

We also feel a bit sad for Meghan as her family seems to be, shall we say, a bit on the dysfunctional side. Her half-sister is writing a ‘tell-all’ book. Looking in from the outside, it appears that said half-sister should best suck on a lemon. Meghan’s getting married, will move on and nobody will care two hoots about whatever will be in that book.

Of late, we have been reading books about Hillary Clinton and what happened during her presidential campaign. All we can say, if even half of what we are reading is true, is that this woman duped everyone around her. Let’s just say when we saw picture of her with some kind of sick smile, well, that’s really what she was like. Vicious would be the operative word here.

Update: There is a huge backlash to Trudeau’s pro-Gaza stance on social media. People are disgusted by his behaviour. Let’s see if he backs down.

We’ll talk…

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