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Trudeau is Flushing Your Money Down the Terlit

Justin Trudeau lied through his teeth when he said he would only overspend by $10 billion for a couple of years and then the country would get back on track. That was an empty campaign promise parroted by Trudeau and believed by his adoring selfie-taking fans.

Your tax dollars at work: $18.8 billion deficit this year $19.6 billion next year and $18.1 billion the year after. And that’s what they are saying out loud. Imagine what the real numbers are?

Trudeau has his hands on other people’s money and has not the faintest hint of a clue what to do with it. Wait. He is a feminist and has his shorts in a uproar about gender equality, aboriginal rights and yes, those two words – climate change. Spare us. 99.9% of Canadians have more brains in the nail of their pinky finger than Trudeau has in his whole head.

The best part of the budget however, is the $600 million earmarked to ‘boost Canadian media’. Oooh, that’s a good one.

Who is on this ‘independent’ government sanctioned panel who decides who gets the money? And what happens to those media outlets who get the money and then want to ditz Trudeau’s government? Ya think there might be a conflict of interest? We are now forced to give the government $600 million of our dollars and the media will then be beholden to the government ‘independent’ committee, who feeds it.

Then there is the $755 million in funding over ten years for charities to finance new ideas. Blanche, go git the idea box out right now and start writing. We have some badaboom badabing ideas to get some of that money. How about slippers for endangered turtles? We would be saving an endangered species and saving the trees.

This government is operating with slimy, short-sighted politicians who think the public doesn’t see through them. Here’s a headline: Everybody sees. Don’t vote liberal next time. You may not quite understand Andrew Scheer, but he’s an honest guy with a wife and children who he actually interacts with. He also has normal ideas and won’t take your money and flush it down the terlit. Nor will he pander to the media with your money under the guise of saving it.

Sad anniversary today – November 22, 1963, 55 years ago, President Kennedy was assassinated. We were 12 years old and vividly remember the moment we heard.

It was a different time in media, where they knew of Kennedy’s infidelities and never reported them. It was a time when Walter Cronkite could barely compose himself when announcing the assassination. We don’t want to back there, but somewhere there is a happy medium between total innocence and no filter. On June 11, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Jon Tigar to be a judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

On November 9, President Trump said that anyone who crossed the southern border between official ports of entry would be ineligible for asylum. Makes sense. If people want to get into the United States, they need to go via a port of entry.

On November 19, Judge Jon Tigar barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally.Our question is how can an appellate judge overrule the president of the United States?

Fear not, Trump fought back. Central Americans who arrive at U.S. border crossings seeking asylum in the United States will have to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed under sweeping new measures the Trump administration is preparing to implement. Someone has to have kahoonas to put an end to illegal migration.

What really should be done is a massive clean-up of Central American countries – get rid of the gangs, the drug wars and money-laundering. If everyone was on the same page, it actually might happen. Unfortunately, bleeding-heart liberals would rather take in thousands of undocumented people who, it has been proven, either disappear once they get in or live off the fat of the land.

So much for global warming aka climate change. As per one of our favourite writers, Rex Murphy, “Cold, hot, moist or dry — there was no condition that could not be stuffed under Climate Change, no random spurt of headline-making weather, local storm or global current that could not be folded neatly under its wonderfully wide-winged umbrella.”

There ya go. Sometimes it’s warm in November, other times like this year, it’s cold and snowy. That ladies and gents is not global warming or climate change. It’s called weather, plain and simple.

The sloppy, less than pea-brained construction workers in Montreal have struck yet again. Residents in a suburb of Montreal have been dealing with frozen pipes and no water while crews have been working on their street…since August. This was a job that should have wrapped up before the arctic cold set in. Really? They didn’t know that water in exposed pipes freezes? Zut alors taberwit. We didn’t know dat la.

Those geniuses attached a garden hose to a hydrant to hook up the water supply. The hose and the water both froze. No kidding. Can someone please call Madame the mayor Plante and tell her to stop worrying about getting rid of cars in her city and find out why her construction workers all seem to be substandard? She obviously is oblivious.

Sadly, Ben and Jerry both endorsed Linda Sarsour, her Women’s March and the new flavour of ice cream named in her honour, Pecan Resist. Ben & Jerry told the Independent Journal Review they’re “comfortable” partnering with the Women’s March despite their ties to Louis Farrakhan. Nothing to say except don’t buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. That goes along with staying away from Airbnb. No shortage of anti-semites, pathetically including Jews.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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