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Trudeau’s Sense of Entitlement Knows No Bounds

Even those who love Justin Trudeau may need the barf bag for this one. It has nothing to do with his pretty face or good hair. It has much to do with his inbred, endless sense of entitlement.

The liberal party is calling for parliamentary reforms. The prime minister has announced that [he] wants to change the rules of Parliament to make lives easier. We are guessing that ‘lives’ means his life. Here’s a taste of what they want:

1. That sunny-ways Justin only attend question period in the House of Commons once a week.

2. Eliminate Friday sittings, and re-allocate the hours to other days of the week. The House of Commons could meet earlier on other days, for example.  Alternately, the report suggests making Fridays a full work day. Committees currently don’t meet on Fridays. What? Does this make sense Blanche? Now some people work on Fridays while others don’t. So they want to make sure that no one works on Fridays? Special.

Just to give you an idea of what’s flying here: Now Trudeau answers about 27 questions in three days when the House sits. If it’s once a week he will have to answer about 40 questions in one sitting. And that Blanche, is absurd, as is our pretty-boy prime minister.

The recipe of absurd coupled with a sense of entitlement brings one to exactly the leader we now have in Ottawa. Someone who is very lucky his father was born before him.

File this name: Devin Nunes. Who is he? The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. What is he investigating? Russian meddling in the presidential election. Simple enough? Now it gets interesting.

Last week he went to the White House grounds to ‘review’ intelligence reports and meet the secret source behind his claim that communications involving associates of President Donald Trump were caught up in “incidental” surveillance. The next day he revealed Mr. Trump or his closest associates may have been “incidentally” swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies. Keep reading.

To get on the White House grounds one must be signed in by someone. Then, you are followed and someone keeps tabs on your every move. Nunes claims he was going to a safe room, meaning a room that has been debugged to read said intelligence reports on a computer that needed a special password. So far so good. Now things start to unravel.

He claims he found something and instead of reporting to his committee, he went straight to Trump. He will not say nor show what he has found. Oh, did we neglect to say the he was part of Trump’s transition team?

Something smells here Blanche. How can Nunes be an impartial chairman of the intelligence committee if he was part of Trump’s transition committee? He can’t.

The underlying issue in all of Trump’s issues are the people with whom he has chosen to surround himself. They want to change Washington and how it runs. So far, it’s not working. So far, everything they have touched has turned to a pillar of salt. One wonders how long it will take Trump or someone who actually cares about him to get his ear and reveal that his ‘friends’ are not doing him any favours. In fact, they are helping him drown.

Blanche has given a bit more thought to the merger of Mont Royal and Outremont ridings. In one sentence here’s what we came up with: As things stand now, Montreal has one less riding than last year.

Did the geniuses who came up with this great idea – to appease Quebec Solidaire, forget that Montreal is the economic cog that keeps Quebec going? Or are they part of the group, of course not saying so out loud, that thinks once Quebec separates, we won’t have to pay federal taxes? Those same people who forget that Quebec gets huge transfer payments from Ottawa, but we digress.

Make no mistake. Another referendum, especially one in ideal winning conditions, is the elephant in the room. Giving another riding to rural Quebec and taking it away from Montreal is one small step to achieving their goal. It’s also another step in keeping Quebec always on edge.

The next time you think you had a bad flight consider the following: A British jumbo jet from London’s Heathrow to San Francisco was delayed for several hours on the ground because someone noticed a mouse on the plane. Ich. So can one mouse hold up a plane? Yes.

First of all, when there’s one mouse, the rest of the family is not far behind. On top of that, the pilot was worried that the mouse would eat the airline wiring.

Then there’s the Pakistan flight going between Karachi and Saudi Arabia, with 416 passengers on board. One small problem: the plane only had 409 seats. So you think they asked the extra passengers to disembark? Nope. The seven extra passengers stood the entire flight.

We are guessing you have heard about the four dudes at Montreal’s airport, with security clearance, who were busy on the internet visiting jihadi and pro-ISIS websites. One had been touting the merits of the Islamic state while sharing propaganda on social media and reading up on different weapons and explosives.

They have lost their security clearance, but at least one is still working at the airport.

Are we insane here? These guys should not only lose their jobs, but should be taken into RCMP headquarters and questioned for many, many hours. As we have said on many occasions, Marvin the accountant is not looking at jihadi websites or how to make a bomb or blow up a plane. And again we say that not muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.

we’ll talk..

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