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Trump Called Canada Very Spoiled When referring to the NAFTA Talks. He hit the nail on the head.

It took a while, but the NFL finally came to their senses. Of course losing money helped them get there.

The NFL is requiring all players and team personnel to “stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem” or the team will be fined by the league. You don’t want to stand, stay in the locker room until the anthem is over.

There are some people who say that the kneeling business was not responsible for a drop in viewership and monies. Time will tell on that one.

Colin Kaepernick, who started this whole business, filed a collusion case against NFL owners alleging a concerted effort was made to keep him out of football. He said he was going to continue to stand with the people that are being ‘oppressed’.

So, does that include people oppressed in North Korea, Syria and Russia? Or just the United States? And what exactly is his interpretation of ‘oppressed’?

Here’s a headline for Kaepernick: If you really want to help people, run for a political position. Real change comes from within, not from kneeling for the anthem or marches with candles. Those are purely feel-good gestures and change nothing.

Couillard, Quebec’s current premier lost the election yesterday. His 100% transparent ‘study’ into why anglos are leaving Quebec – and have done so for the past five decades, is suddenly up front and a serious issue. Nauseous.

Here’s some news for Couillard: Unless your last name is Tremblay, Cote or Gagnon, your job application is going to the bottom of the pile. Combine that with the fact that businesses stopped moving here, again decades ago, and you have the perfect storm of anglos leaving. Why would they stay here? To hear Kathleen Wyle whining about anglos leaving?

Kathleen Weil makes our skin crawl. She is way less than the sharpest tool in the box to put it mildly and is probably using this position as an assurance of a good job once the liberals dump her. When the liberals lose the election, she will be gone faster from Quebec than you can say poutine.

Can someone please send Premier Couillard a memo that his last ditch, hail mary effort is not going to work. In fact – and you heard it here first – we equate this ‘study’ with Peladeau’s fist pump when he announced that he wanted a country of Quebec for his children. Those moments ensured the PQ was obliterated in that election.

This in-your-face and yes, insulting sucking up to the English community has pretty well sealed Couillard’s fate. Whoever is running his campaign is as out of touch with the people as Couillard and Barrett. Get used to saying Premier Legault.

Leave it to President Donald Trump to say it the way things are. In discussing the NAFTA negotiations he said, and we quote verbatim…Canada is “very difficult to deal with” and “very spoiled.” Ya think?

Trump wants to discuss the auto industry and Trudeau brings him gender equality and aboriginal rights. Seriously? Freeland ticked Trump off from the get-go and Trudeau, as Canada’s prime minister, is aptly tagged ‘spoiled’

Another genius has now entered this fray. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said he didn’t know if anyone should be surprised that Trump made a comment of that nature. “We’ve got to stand up to a bully. We can’t allow those types of comments to throw us off our priorities.” This guy doesn’t even have air between his ears. It’s hollow.

Seriously – who finds these people? Blanche, doesn’t it remind you of when Hillary and Trump were running for president? From 300 million people those were the two they could come up with?

Same here. From the 35 or so million people in Canada, Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are the only two brainwaves the liberals and NDP could find? Pathetic.

Here’s another reason why young anglos are leaving Quebec. It’s a perfect example of the ignorant pettiness we must endure here.

If one needs a cochlear implant in the province of Quebec, they can’t get it in Montreal, the biggest city in the province. Right now the only place to have this surgery performed is Quebec City.

When Quebec’s genius health minister was asked why Montreal doesn’t have a place for people to have this surgery his response was that “the volume of surgeries is not high enough to be split between the two cities”. This guy must think all Quebecers have the IQ of a gnat.

Ontario has five programs where this surgery can be had by people who are given back the gift to hear.

Young adults are tired of the stupidity here and foolish and laughable ministers such as Barrette who think that people believe his drivel. Whatever his reasons, which are clearly political, everyone sees through him and Couillard.

Quebec politicians live in a world of the absurd. Unfortunately for those who live here, we have to endure their lunacy.

We’ll talk…

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