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Trump’s As Yet Greatest Accomplishment: Keeping His Mouth Shut

Blanche, did you know that until 2015, Bernie ran as an independent, not attached to any party? When he decided to run for president, he knew that running as an independent would never work so he held his nose and joined the democratic party.

Today, according the numbers, Hillary seems to have clinched the nomination. So what’s the headline? Sanders supporters are seething. Seriously?

It seems that well before Bernie became a democrat, Hillary was courting the super-delegates who will make sure she gets in the nomination. And in case you don’t know who those super-delegates are we will enlighten you. They are the inside establishment of the party who will never, ever vote for Bernie. He knows it and now doesn’t know what to do with all his adoring fans.

Of late, Bernie is complaining about the way things are done in his party. Here’s a headline for him: We live in a democracy and if he isn’t happy with the way things in his party are run, he’s free to change them – democratically. Not by egging on his missives so that by the time the convention rolls around in July they will be whipped up into a frenzy and basically burn down Philadelphia.

You want scoop Blanche? Here ya go: You may have heard that Trump is going head to head with the federal court judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuit. What’s the name of the judge? Gonzalo Curiel, of Mexican heritage. He was born in the US but his parents were born on Mexico. So far so good.

Curiel belongs to a law firm that is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. Now it’s going to get interesting.

What is La Raza? It means the race in Mexican. Curiel’s law firm does not only associate with La Raza. It also has ties to another group called Reality Changers which provides scholarships to low-income youth, some of which are illegal immigrants. It seems that Judge Curiel was on a selection committee that gave a scholarship to an illegal alien.

Get the drift here? The media is not reporting that La Raza and it’s affiliates are very soft when it comes to their Mexican brethren. And that is exactly what Trump is fighting about. You know, the wall he’s putting up that Mexico is paying for?

This story is not going away anytime soon.

Let’s talk about the Catholic Church. Did you know that the Roman Catholic Church is almost certainly the wealthiest organization in the world. In the United States alone, it is estimated that the Catholic Church has an operating budget of $170 billion.

Now, our brainwave mayor is fixing the church in Montreal that can be seen from space to the tune of $80 million. It is called, get this – The Great Development Project. Why? It’s the old birthday trick again. Drip by drip he’s announcing what he’s ‘fixing’ to make his party simply wonderful.

So who’s paying for the fix-up? The federal government: $22 million, Quebec: $30.8 million and Montreal: $10 million, St. Joseph’s Oratory: $26.4 million.

Can we talk? Does Blanche look like she wants to drop a cent into that church? Did anyone ask if Blanche’s place of worship which happens to be a synagogue needs some fixing up for the 375th birthday party? No? Well, we want to be a part of the festivities and need some serious money to fix the place up. We will quote the mayor: “It’s our heritage for goodness sake.”

Here’s Coderre’s worst nightmare: What will he do when the till he’s dipping into – other people’s money, runs out of money? Jump off the Jacques Cartier bridge? If he does he should do it before he spends $40 to light it up.

He’s turning out to make Jean Drapeau look like a cheapskate. Remember how long we paid for the Big O? What Coderre is doing now is going to haunt us long after he’s pushing up grass.

The taxi industry threatened the government and had to lose face today when the minister announced he was giving Uber 90 days to come up with a new proposal which would allow it to continue operating. In other words, the government wants Uber and the taxi industry to live happily ever after.

It’s not going to work but at least we have a 3 month rest period between rounds.

You want to know the definition of the kiss of death? A postal strike. If they go on strike July 2 they may as well start buying burial plots as people will very quickly find other means of sending their mail and when they come back to work – poof! nothing to deliver.

So why are they going to strike: For better wages, working conditions, and job security. Awwww. Blanche – we are going on strike too. We want more money, better working conditions and we want to keep our jobs forever.

Unions are going to faze themselves out by striking for things that very few, if any people have any longer. They will certainly not incur the public’s pity.

Remember this until June 23 – Brexit. That’s the term used for the vote on whether Britain stays in the EU or leaves. Right now it’s about tied – 45% stay, 43% leave. We will remind you of the question: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? Honest and straightforward. Stay tuned.

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