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Trump Should Introduce His Upper Lip to His Lower Lip and Start Talking Like A Candidate

Here’s a good one. Anne-France Goldwater, a prominent Montreal lawyer is dropping hints that she may challenge Denis Coderre in next year’s Montreal mayoralty election. If anyone can run against Coderre it’s Goldwater. She’s a pit bull with blonde hair. What prompted her to come forward now is Coderre’s recent, rather secret trip to Iran to make some kind of deal with Tehran’s mayor.

She said, and right so, that going there lends legitimacy to a terrorist regime. Blanche, don’t mess with her…ever.

The guy who took out that full page ad reprimanding the Montreal Canadiens for trading PK Subban has somewhat redeemed himself. Dr. Charles Kowalski and his wife are donating $250,000 to P.K.’s Helping Hand Fund. The couple had originally pledged $50,000 to the foundation.

Kowalski, an emergency room physician living in Ottawa, and until recently a die-hard Montreal Canadiens fan, will make the cheque presentation Wednesday at the hospital’s P.K. Subban Atrium.

Thousands of wikileaks emails concerning Hillary Clinton have been leaked over the past couple of weeks and have basically not made a dent in her quest to reach the White House. The Reason? Donald Trump. He is simply unable to make a normal speech. Calling her crooked Hillary is childish. Instead of name calling, instead of calling ex beauty queens fat, how about just saying the facts on the table?

The truth is if anyone else would be running, the outcome might be different. However, Trump is what there is, thanks in part to years of the old-boys club of Republicans ‘knowing’ what’s best for the American population. People are sick of the old boys club which is why Trump is now the nominee. He’s about as far away from that club as one could get. Americans, especially republicans, are getting what they deserve.

Seems Julian Assange is in some trouble in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Ecuador’s government acknowledged Tuesday that it has “temporarily restricted” internet access at its embassy in London for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the website published a trove of documents from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that while it stands by its decision in 2012 to grant Assange asylum in London, it doesn’t interfere in foreign elections or “support a candidate in particular.” Ergo, for the time being, Assange has been silenced.

We have no doubt however, that he has an elaborate system, all over the world, that will still make sure he is not silenced. Unfortunately for him, it’s not helping Trump at all.

Torontonians can keep breathing. The Blue Jays won today which means they are still alive but losing the series against Cleveland 3-1.

Blanche will leave you with some good news – kind of. Although there are few airline crashes than ever before, the ones that do take place come about lately because of suicidal pilots. Dey have ‘issues’. As a result, a new set of medical and psychological checks for pilots has been proposed by Europe’s top air safety body.

Under the new proposal, pilots will undergo more thorough initial and recurring medical checks focusing on mental health. Now, don’t you feel better?

PS: The Election is exactly three weeks from tonight.

We’ll talk…

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