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Trump to His Handlers: Whoever Is In Charge of Making Sure I Don’t Say Stupid Things: You&#821

It appears that the US election is bringing every nutball known to man out of the closet. And there are many nutballs. The uber right-wingers are looking at anything to pin on Hillary. Case in point is the scientist who was executed in Iran last week. There are unfounded rumours that he was outed via Hillary’s email because it was not secure.

Then there are those who are dredging up what is termed the Clinton body count dating back to the 1990’s. There is no doubt that a few people close to the Clinton’s died mysteriously. Whether the Clintons were involved, even way, way in the background no one will ever know.

As much as those in North America are watching the insane volley of insults, accusations, letters signed by 50 Republicans not to support Trump, awful commercials and even worse rhetoric, can you imagine Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc? They are salivating at this circus with new acts everyday.

This election campaign is akin to a ship without a captain or rudder. It’s every man and woman for themselves. Blanche, doesn’t it remind you of the Titanic? A ship destined for disaster.

Mayor Coderre is back. He wins the gold medal for selling people a race to nowhere. Imagine he was able to secure almost $5 million for an e-car race through the streets of Montreal. Problem is he would not tell his people which streets need to be fixed for said race. Just give me da money and I’ll take care of you.

In case you were wondering, e-cars are electric so the race will be silent. Don’t you wonder who comes up with these brainwave ideas? Here’s a tip: put on your thinking cap and figure out the most outrageous idea that costs between $5-10 million. Then go and present it to our mayor. The more idiotic, the more you can be sure he will take a good look at it.

So Blanche, what do you have to say about our Prime Minister getting his picture taken while bare-chested on a beach? You know of course Justin ‘accidentally’ had his picture taken at a wedding on the beach while still in his wetsuit. Or rather half his suit. Are you going to be one of those prudes and show your age? Come on, what’s so bad about showing off your chest?

Here’s the deal…yet again – it is not becoming for a head of state to flaunt his body in this way. It’s ok if you’re say, a postman, garbageman, gardener, life guard etc. But as the Prime Minister of a country? Come on.

Our sympathies if you are on a Delta flight in the next few days. They had a total meltdown of their system yesterday and it’s still not running properly, quite the understatement.

Seems a power failure in the middle of the night caused a catastrophic chain of events in their computer system. Usually such companies have servers in other cities that take over when one goes down. In this case, nothing worked and everything went down at the same time leaving tens of thousands of people stranded all over the world. Seeing the USA in your Chevrolet is a good thing.

Back for a moment to Hillary. Blanche has been reading how much people despise her. We found the mother-of-all-lines:

“If she was moving her lips she was probably lying about it’ – pick your ‘it’. We’re happy we live in Canada and only had to choose between a selfie-taking, immature young adult and hard-core politician.

Wait, we found one more juicy one: She feels like she’s above the law and above us peasants. Ouch.

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