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Trump to the World: By the Power Vested In Me I Now Pronounce You Blocked and Deleted. And You can K

Blanche, you are never going to believe this. Guess who is giving advice to Trump prior to the debates in September? None other than Roger Aisles, founder of Fox News and, of late, dumped out of his own company due to multiple sexual harassment charges. Can we talk?

Even if Aisles is a genius, which he must be if he started the Fox News Network, the visual of this stinks. For a smart guy, Trump is not so smart. Why must he announce who is helping him? Keep it low and quiet and just get the job done. On the other hand, it is a fact that Aisles helped Reagen with his second debate after he was a disaster the first time around.

The difference here is that both Trump and Aisles have more baggage than the Orient express and overweight baggage costs big time.

While it is no secret that Blanche leans towards conservative politics, sometimes those uber-conservative sites write things that diminish their credibility. Case in point: trying to say that Hillary is not well. Give it a rest dudes. She’s 69 years old and campaigning day and night for months. How sick can she be? We’d like to see some of those writers keep up with her schedule for a week or two.

They are claiming she needs the weekend off. And therefore? She needs the weekend off. They also claim she’s twitching and shaking her head. Get a life dudes. We don’t like the way she conducts her life but we also won’t start rumors that are simply unfounded. Move it along.

Here’s something to be concerned about. Those who are supposed to protect the public at terrorist targets like JFK need to either upgrade their skills, get hearing aids, learn what a real gunshot sounds like or find another job.

Last week hordes of people were cheering on Usain Bolt, a Jamaican olympic runner. It appears that clapping sounds like gunshots to many people, including the security dudes and dudettes. An entire terminal was evacuated with people running for their lives. Nothing to see here folks except someone running very fast and winning a gold medal at the Olympics. People better pray nothing really happens if those are the people protecting them.

Yet another travel tip from Blanche. We recently flew and paid  $60 each for the pleasure of extending our legs in front of us rather than sitting like a pretzel for six hours. Nice eh?

Boarding is now done by zone. Those extra leg room seats are at the front of the plane. Guess how they board the plane? From the back to the front. Ergo we were going to be the last ones boarding.

Couple this with frequent announcements that there may not be room for carry-on luggage and you get the drift. If we’re boarding last dawling, there ain’t gonna be room for our little bags. Now here’s the tip:

The nice flight attendant announced that anyone needing extra time to board should come forward first. Guess who needed extra time? Exactly. She looked at us, we smiled politely, said we needed extra time and bob’s your uncle, we were the first on the plane with plenty of room for our bags. Don’t you think that if you pay extra for the seat you should be able to board first? Blanche, that would be logical. The moral of the story is listen to the announcements.

While we like William and Kate and they have done much to upgrade the image of the royal family, sometimes we do need the barf bag for what they say. In case you didn’t know, Justin and Sophie invited the royals to visit Canada in the fall – with their children. Makes sense. They are both young parents with young children. Here’s the barf bag part: A source in the royal entourage said, “They really can’t bear the idea of leaving Charlotte and George at home.” Can we talk?

When they have to leave them home they do without blinking an eye. Spare us the dramatics and just say that on this trip because both families have young children it makes sense to bring them. Why can’t people just be honest?

Looks like Trump is switching many of his posts from Twitter to Facebook. That way he gets to write more than 140 characters. More room to hang himself.

We’ll talk…

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