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Trump won. Hillary lost. Obama’s gone. Which part of those three sentences don’t they ge

Blanche, can you explain what’s up with the democrats aka Hillary supporters in the USA? Meryl Streep won a life-time achievement award at the Golden Globes this past weekend. Instead of just thanking everyone, she decided to make a political statement, basically saying how disgusted she was that Donald Trump is going to be her president on January 20. Can we talk?

Do these people not know they live in a democracy? Do they not appreciate that they can stand up at a hollywood awards ceremony and speak like this without getting shot on the spot?

Trump won. Hillary lost. Obama’s gone. Which part of those three sentences don’t they get?

Oh wait, they don’t like that their candidate lost. So take your toys and go home. Or move. Or run for office next time. Or find a better candidate than Hillary who was flawed from the beginning. Spoiled, petty, childish people.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is calling on South Africans not to visit Israel in order to show solidarity with “the people of Palestine”. Again we will reiterate that there is no such country as palestine and Zumba is just another anti-semite in a long line of such people.

Who founded palestine and by whom? What is the name of its capital? What are its major cities? What is the basis of its economy? What was the name of its currency? It’s a crock and always has been. Until Israel itself steps up to the plate and says this to the world, they will have to deal with Zumba, Jimmy Carter and all the other openly anti-semitic people who get their views on the front pages of the the papers.

It appears that Justin Trudeau’s romp to the Bahamas wasn’t exactly what it looked like. He’s good friends with the Aga Khan. Are we the only ones who don’t know who this dude is? We looked him up and here’s his short but telling bio: Aga Khan is a name used by the Imam of the Nizari Ismailis and the current user of the name is Shah Karim who is the 49th Imam worth about $1 billion. Now in case you don’t know what an imam is, he’s a muslim leader. But we digress.

This imam is a close friend of the Trudeau family and after they landed in the Bahamas, their entourage travelled to Bell Island, a little island that the imam owns. Special. No doubt the imam treated the Trudeau’s royally. Here’s the kicker:

Since 2005 the Aga Khan Development Network has received about $310 million of your money for 16 foreign aid projects. Recently, Trudeau gave him another $55 million to improve maternal and child health in Afghanistan. Can we talk?

Something smells here. If this imam is getting money from you and he’s treating Trudeau to a vacation don’t you think Trudeau will reciprocate? Not by bringing the imam to his private island cause he doesn’t have one, but perhaps, just perhaps by giving him more money for his ’causes’.

President Barack Hussein Obama is giving his farewell speech tonight. No doubt we will be needing the extra large barf bag. He will not be speaking in the White House , rather  in Chicago where he got his start. How nice. We have no doubt that he will say how wonderful he was during his eight years in office. Sadly for him, it looks like the accolades he so desperately wants will not be forthcoming. Certainly not from Trump nor from Hillary who is still walking in the woods.

And speaking of Hillary, Blanche did you hear that she’s floating the idea of running for mayor of New York? This woman is just a gluten for punishment and there is no low to low enough for her. Mayor of New York? It’s time she retired to the south of France or somewhere far away.

This past weekend there was quite the farewell party for the Obamas with his adoring hangers-on weeping and wailing that the ‘party’s’ over. You bet your bippy the party’s over. Imagine an eight year ongoing party paid for by OPM – other people’s money? Honestly, a person could bust.

Jared Kushner, whose birthday is today (he just turned 36), will be Senior Advisor to the President his father-in-law, dealing with trade negotiations, government operations and Middle East issues. That puts him in a leadership troika with Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Kushner is level-headed, a genius and has a very calming effect on Trump. We would say that’s enough, eh? Oh yes, he is also very strongly attached to Israel. Smart move.

It’s official. The parti quebecois has peas for brains. They are promising not to ruin Canada’s 150th birthday party, but has decided they won’t sit quietly by during the celebrations. So what are they going to do?

They plan to hold 150 events, centred around such themes as “Confederation of 1867 … the worm in the apple” and “150 years of Quebec-bashing. This is brought to you by the same person – Jean Francois Lisee – who last week said that he’s decided to court the English population here in the hopes that they would support the PQ they promised not to hold a referendum in the first term of their taking office.

There is no doubt that no one there is playing with a full deck. They are ALL one chip short of a bag. Or one screw short of a toolbox. Or one cornflake short of a box. Take your pick.

We’ll talk…

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