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Unless You Ride a Bike, You are Contributing to Gas Emissions and Will be Responsible for Destroying

If you are following American politics, you will know that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer are having the worst temper tantrums of their lives. 

They waited two years for the Muller report to nail Trump and were left with their mouths hanging open when Trump walked away unscathed.

Muller, who was touted by the Democrats as the best thing since chopped liver,  interviewed hundreds of people, spent tens of millions of dollars on his report and left no stone unturned. Alas, the dynamic duo waited in vain. Nothing there save a few innuendos, nothing from the people interviewed to charge Trump.

So what are Democrats doing? Having the biggest temper tantrums known to man. Issuing subpoenas to witnesses who are not showing up, nor have any obligation to show up. They already told their story.

Get a grip people. The hunt to impeach Trump is over. What we are waiting for are for the real villains in this to be taken to task: Hillary and Bill Clinton, ex attorney general Loretta Lynch, James Comey and many others associated with the slimy Clinton.

Forget that Hillary fixed the democratic nomination to get rid of Bernie Sanders. Remember when Bill met Lynch on a tarmac? A week later, poof! the Justice Department instructed the FBI in 2016 not to charge Hillary Clinton with “gross negligence” for her mishandling of classified information when she served as secretary of state regarding having her email server in a closet in her house.

If the democrats had an ounce of sense, they would get their own house in order and concentrate on the young’uns who want to turn the United States into Cuba.

Looks like Theresa May’s days of being Prime Minister are almost over. The 39th cabinet minister quit today and she’s basically alone in a sea of detractors. She failed to get the Brexit divorce and now must walk the plank.

Maxime Bernier, the sore loser of the conservative leadership race who started his own party and is now at 1% in the polls, needs some sage advice. He hired someone by the name of Ken Periera to run in the Quebec City riding. Periera blew the whistle on Quebec’s construction industry. Mr. Periera however, is much better known for his conspiracy theories. It goes without saying that he’s an anti-vaccer. What is worse however, is that he is using his notoriety to push the theory that vaccines cause autism.

If Periera is any indication of Bernier’s choice of candidates, he’s not getting much more than his 1% and will slowly disappear from politics.

In the recent newsletter to her residents, Sue Montgomery, mayor of about 165,000 people in the NDG-Cote-des-Neiges area, has asked her constituents to help rid the world of greenhouse gas emissions. Nice. Of course we thought it was cows that caused much of greenhouse gas emissions and last we looked, there are no farms in her area. But hey, we’re nit-picking. Cars are the demons of the world in Montgomery’s orb and if she had her way, would disappear from the world. Rather unrealistic, eh Blanche?

As the entire newsletter was about saving the planet, unless you ride a bike or, perish the thought, have a large family, you are not only useless, but contributing to ‘the problem’. Wait. We’re wrong. If you can plant a tree or flowers you are ok.

She writes that she heard that it’s going to be another scorcher of a summer. So we ask the mayor:  What is she doing for the elderly and people with special needs who will require an air conditioner or fan to be able to live through the heat?

We will remind her of the many people who died last summer due to the ‘sorching’ heat. Does she know where they live? Does she expect them to ride a bike in 100 degrees to pick up a fan? Did she address even one word of that serious problem? The answer is no.

Here’s the issue with people who walk, talk, live and breath how to rid the planet of anyone and anything that is a source of greenhouse gas emissions. It’s selfish. It’s narrow-minded and insular. So that’s fine if you are a regular resident. But if you are the mayor of 165,000 people, you better know what’s going on besides saving the planet and it’s called life.

The roads in NDG during the winter are abominable. Is she addressing that issue? The roads in the Cote-des-Neiges area after the winter are war zones. Does she know what they look like?

Has she ever taken a bus or rode her bike to the area to see what the roads are like? We would venture a guess and say no because she would fall off her bike due to the conditions of said roads.  Or perhaps because it would take her three or four buses to get there. Of course she could always ask someone to drive her there, but that would make her look like she’s part of the gas emission problem and that would look bad.

Time to take off the blinders, put away the knitting needles and start acting like the mayor of large municipality. Here’s a headline: There’s more to life than gas emissions. Moo.

Michael Avenatti is a serious piece of work. We will jog your memory and remind you that he was the lawyer of Stormy Daniels, supposedly one of Donald’s ‘women’. It appears that his lifestyle was, shall we say, for the rich and famous. While he may have been famous, he was missing the rich part of that equation.

Aside from many other charges, federal prosecutors in New York have now charged Avenatti with allegedly forging the signature of his former client Stormy Daniels and diverting nearly $300,000 owed to her for a book advance into his own account. He needed the money for payments on his Ferrari, as well as to cover airfare, dry cleaning, hotels and restaurant bills, as well as payroll and insurance costs for his law firm’s employees.

MSBNC an CNN, who touted Avenatti as the one who would be able to take Trump down and had him on their shows ad nauseam, are looking like geniuses now, eh Blanche?

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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