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Unsung Heroes

Justin Trudeau is infuriating.  Two weeks ago he told a few million Canadians to ‘come home now’. He left it up to those millions of people to self-quarantine. Up until yesterday, he did not instruct his government to check if those people were following instructions. Rather, he left it up to their ‘honesty’. 

Yesterday he was asked at his press conference if he knew that people were lying when they arrived? Saying they were not sick when in fact they were. His response reflected his brain. A merry-go-round spinning at top speed. A lot of words that said nothing.

It is no secret that hundreds, if not thousands of snowbirds returned and completely ignored the self-quarantine edict until they had done all their shopping and perhaps even saw their children and grandchildren.

Listening to him today, he is still saying that he ‘trusts’ people who are arriving from all over the world to self-quarantine. Exactly what planet is he living on?

Finally he announced that if he finds out that people are not doing as told they will be fined $750,000. Give us a break. Who is going to take that seriously? Fine then $5,000 or even $10,000. That’s a fine that the government can go after if people don’t pay. $750,000 is ridiculous, as Justin is for even putting this number out there.

And once we’re on the subject of Justin, we may as well get it all over with in the first two pieces. In February, after the World Health Organization warned the world about the Coronavirus, our ultra-uber liberal prime minister sent 16 tonnes of masks, clothing, face shields, goggles and gloves to China. Now, there is a shortage here.

And to add more stupidity to the decision, when confronted the government said, and we quote, ‘the shipment was an effort to collaborate with China in the fight against COVID-19. Really?

Here’s something novel: the government is supposed to be proactive. They are the ones getting insider information. This is in the same vein as telling millions of illegals crossing the border to come on down. Wrong.

Justin Trudeau looks like a deer in the headlights once he stops reading from the teleprompter because ladies and gentlemen – he is a deer in the headlights.

Those running the Conservative party have completely dropped the ball. They are tone deaf and we are beginning to think that Corey Hann who runs the joint doesn’t even know there is a pandemic. Instead of loosening the self-made rules regarding who could be a candidate, he ignored everyone’s pleas, including four of those in the running, one of whom is Erin O’Toole, and stubbornly would not budge.

So now peeps we have little choice as to who will run for the leadership of the Conservative party. It is abundantly clear that the ‘insiders’ have chosen Peter MacKay as their anointed one. Those running the party need to go. And fast.

The Brits completely dropped the ball on this pandemic. On March 19 Boris Johnson said they had lowered their estimate of the severity of the coronavirus, changing its status from a “high consequence infectious disease,” which it had assigned the disease in January, to acknowledging it no longer viewed the disease as such.

Today, March 26 this is what Johnson said: “To put it simply, if too many people become seriously unwell at one time, the we will be unable to handle it – meaning more people are likely to die, not just from coronavirus but from other illnesses as well.”

We hope it’s not too late for them over there. Clearly Boris is another leader who dropped the ball.

Blanche, have you heard about the rumour floating around that at the Democratic convention, Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY may be the dark horse to emerge? It is becoming increasingly obvious, even to the staunchest Biden supporter that he is incapable of being president. He can’t even handle being a candidate. He had a virtual cocktail party and attracted about 2000 viewers. No one is taking him seriously as a candidate.

We are burying this deep inside the Blanche report. However, it is a public announcement and many of those who read this live in the area. Today, premier Legault made a point of telling the public to avoid going to Montreal’s west end because of the concentration of COVID-19 cases.

Unfortunately, not all of our fellow citizens are following the directive of quarantining themselves after returning from wherever they were. Or not following other directives such as simply staying away from other people. As there are many, many cases in the area, it’s best to steer clear for now.

Here’s a little ditty we found buried in The Guardian: China has announced it will close its border to foreign nationals from this weekend. Other measures include restricting foreign airlines to a single route, with no more than one weekly flight. Each Chinese airline is permitted one route to any specific country with no more than one flight a week.

While their numbers are down, there’s no doubt that keeping out foreign nationals will go a very long way to keeping it that way. We’re pretty sure the rest of the world is watching.

On a completely other note, it has become abundantly clear that there are many unsung heroes emerging in these days. Among them teachers. Up until now, everyone dropped their kids at school and picked them up, of course grateful for teachers but not giving much more thought to them.

After home-schooling kids till what looks like the end of the school year, our suggestion is whenever everyone does go back, bring each teacher a very nice gift with an even nicer note of how much you truly appreciate them.

Good Shabbos and stay home. We’ll talk…

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